Can I freeze my Planet Fitness membership?


In consideration of the fact that our physical sites are no longer open, we have decided to put a hold on any new memberships. You will not be responsible for any costs till the reopening of your club. Even though we’ll miss having you as a member, you have the legal right to resign from the club at any time by submitting a letter of resignation to your home club that is signed, dated, and sent via certified mail.

Can I put my membership to Planet Fitness on hold for the time being?

You may be able to put a hold on your account at Planet Fitness if you have to take a break from your membership due to medical reasons but don’t want to cancel it completely. The ability to put one’s gym membership on hold for a period of up to three months owing to medical difficulties is offered by several fitness centers.

Can I put a hold on my membership to the gym?

If you make consistent payments toward the monthly membership amount, you have the ability to “Freeze” your membership at any moment and for any period of time by logging into the online Member Area. When your membership is put on hold, your PIN number will be rendered useless, and you will have a lower regular payment going forward.

What exactly does it imply when your gym membership is put on hold?

If you sign up for a one-year contract in December but don’t feel comfortable utilizing the facility until March, you might be able to get a delay in the start of your payments.

Can I put a hold on my membership with blink?

Within a few short minutes and from any location on the planet, each and every member can now make a request to freeze, unfreeze, or cancel their memberships. The ability to put a member’s membership on hold and then remove that hold at the member’s discretion is another perk of membership.

Does Planet Fitness charge a cost if you decide to discontinue your membership?

If you are still within the first year of a membership that required a 12-month commitment and you want to cancel it, you will be charged a cancellation fee of . If you signed up for a membership that is either free or has a long-term commitment, there will be no cost to you.

At Planet Fitness, do you have to pay a fee if you need to cancel your membership?

You will be subject to a planet fitness cancellation fee for early termination if you decide to terminate your membership before it has completed its full course. A buyout cancellation fee of will be assessed by Planet Fitness. In the event that the cancellation is not carried out in accordance with the terms of the contract, the payment may be five or six times more than usual.