How can I delete contact from telegram?


  1. Launch the Telegram app, then navigate to the Contacts section of the app.
  2. Choose the contact you want to remove from the list, and then click “Remove.”
  3. After making your selection, you will be sent to the chat page for that individual.
  4. Touch the three dots at the top of the screen, which are located at the top.
  5. Choose “Delete contact” from the list of available alternatives.
Why is it that I am unable to erase contacts in Telegram?

If you want to delete a contact on Telegram, you will not have access to the delete function until you have first deleted a chat. To accomplish this, select the Settings menu, then select the Privacy and Security submenu. Then, choose the conversation you wish to remove, and then tap the “Delete Chat” button.

How can I erase contacts that have been synced with Telegram?

Telegram’s settings may be accessed by selecting Chat settings > Delete all chats > Settings. This will remove all of your contacts.

Is it possible for my contacts to view me on Telegram?

Absolutely, but you will need to give them permission to view your telephone number.

After I delete Telegram, would my contacts still be able to see it?

If you delete Telegram but not your contacts, the people you communicate with on the platform won’t be aware of your decision. If you are also deleting your contacts, then the people whose information you have removed from your address book may realize that you no longer have it.

How do I prevent someone from contacting me via Telegram?

Simply select the contact whose name you wish to block and tap on it.
Tap “Ban” after locating it by scrolling down the page.
On the menu that appears, choose the option to “Block contacts.”

How exactly do contacts on Telegram work?

Telegram is a messaging app that enables users to create groups as well as send and receive messages. You need to have either the person’s username or their phone number in order to add them as a contact in your account. With the search bar at the top of the screen, you can search for contacts using either their name or their phone number. If you locate a contact and touch on it, it will be added to your list of contacts immediately after you do so.