How can I delete my Paytm order history on mobile?


  1. It is not possible to remove your Paytm order history in a straightforward manner using your mobile device.
  2. You can, however, delete any information that Paytm might have about your transactions by clearing the cache and cookies from your browser.
Where can I find the instructions on how to hide my transaction history in Paytm?

Inside the Paytm app, there is no way to conceal your past financial dealings. On the other hand, you have the option to delete your Paytm account, which will result in the removal of all of your transaction history.

How do I remove the history of my previous payments?

Accessing your PayPal account and deleting the applicable transactions will be required in order for you to delete your payment history. You can accomplish this by carrying out the following steps:
Please ensure that you are logged in to your PayPal account.
Simply select the History tab at the very top of the website.
Choose the transaction that you no longer wish to keep and then click the Delete button.
To verify, click the Yes button.

How do I cancel my order with Paytm?

If you follow these procedures, you will be able to cancel your order placed using Paytm:
After you have logged in, navigate to the Orders area of your Paytm account.
Locate the order that you no longer require, then select it and click the “Cancel” button.
After providing the reason for the cancellation, click the button labeled “Cancel Order.”

How do I clear the history of my Paytm transactions from my PhonePe account?

Launch the PhonePe app, then navigate to the Menu > Wallet > Paytm menu option. This will allow you to delete your Paytm history from PhonePe. You can delete your Paytm history by selecting the option from the menu that appears when you tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Where can I find the history of my Paytm account?

Use the Paytm app on your mobile device and login in to access your previous Paytm history. You can select the date range you want to view by tapping on the ‘History’ option that is located at the very bottom of the screen.

Is Paytm able to be viewed in the passbook?

Transactions made with Paytm will be reflected in your passbook, yes.

How do I completely remove the history from my PhonePe app?

You’ll need to delete both your account and all of the data associated with it in order to get rid of your PhonePe history for good. In order to accomplish this, please proceed as follows:
Launch the PhonePe app, then select Menu > Settings > Remove my account from the drop-down menu.
Tap the Remove my account button after entering the password for your PhonePe account.
There will be a notification for you to see that says “Your user account has been permanently removed. All of the information that was connected to this account has also been removed.

Where can I view my history of transactions in PhonePe?

The PhonePe app includes a section for viewing transaction history. Launch the application, and then enter the menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen. After that, select the Transactions option.

Where can I find the instructions for removing my PhonePe account completely?

If you want to delete your PhonePe account completely:
Launch the PhonePe app, and login in to your account.
To access this menu, touch the three horizontal lines located in the top left corner of the main screen.
Click the “Settings” button.
Click the link that says “Delete your account.”

What are the steps I need to take to permanently cancel my Paytm account in 2021?

Please follow these instructions if you want to delete your Paytm account:
After you have successfully logged in to your Paytm account, navigate to the Settings section.
Keep scrolling down until you reach the option to delete your account.
Follow the prompts to confirm your decision, then click the Delete Account button.
Your account will be wiped irreversibly, and you will no longer have access to it under any circumstances.

Is it possible to remove our Paytm account?

You can deactivate your Paytm account by navigating to the ‘Settings’ tab after entering into your account. This will allow you to remove your account. You can delete your account by selecting that option from within the ‘Account Settings’ menu. To delete your account, click on this link and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Is there a refund option for cancellation protect?

Yes, most cancellation protection plans are refundable. Nonetheless, in order to be absolutely certain, you should carefully study the terms and conditions of the plan. In most cases, you will be eligible for either a full or partial refund, and this will be determined by the percentage of the trip that has already been planned and paid for.

How can I remove the history of my purchases from Google Play?

Open the Google Play Store, and then tap on the three lines that are located in the top left corner of the screen. This will allow you to remove your order history on Google Play. Go all the way down and click the “My orders” button. You can delete an order by tapping the menu button that looks like three dots in the top right corner of the order you wish to delete “Delete.

Where can I find the instructions to remove my Venmo transaction history?

You’ll need to delete your existing Venmo account and set up a new one if you want to get rid of your transaction history on the platform. Regrettably, erasing your transaction history can only be done through the method described above.

Where can I find the instructions for removing my transaction history from the Bhim app?

Launch the Bhim app and navigate to the ‘Menu’ tab when you want to remove your transaction history in the app. After that, go to ‘Settings’ and then press on the option that says ‘Delete account history.’