How do I change my AdSense account on YouTube?


  1. To access the settings page for a particular account, locate the account in the “Accounts” section and click on it.
  2. To change the associated AdSense account, click the Change button.
  3. Ensure that you adhere to the necessary procedures for your Google Account and YouTube Channel.

How to Make Modifications to Your Current Adsense Account on YouTube

This blog post will walk you through changing your AdSense account on YouTube so that you can better target your audience. Your first order of business will be to go to the Adsense website and register for an account. Once there, pick “My ads” from the drop-down menu, and after that, “Advertisers.” Simply click the link that says “Manage my AdSense account” on this page to make any necessary adjustments to your account. You will also be able to view a list of videos that have been monetized according on the parameters that are currently in place.

This blog post will walk you through changing your AdSense account on YouTube so that you can better target your audience. You should begin by going to the Adsense website as your first order of business. Once there, pick “My ads” from the drop-down menu, and after that, “Advertisers.” Simply click the link that says “Manage my AdSense account” on this page to make any necessary adjustments to your account. You will also be able to view a list of videos that have been monetized according on the parameters that are currently in place.

That might not seem like much at first, but it could have some repercussions further down the road if you aren’t careful, so I would advise going through all of the material before making any judgments. After you have finished reading, though, I recommend choosing either ‘obtain new publication ID’ or ‘alter existing’ from the drop-down menu.

You will need to go to the Adsense website and click the “Ads” button that is located in the top navigation bar in order to obtain ad codes for your new AdSense account. Simply follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the “Get ad codes” button, making your choice between “get a single code” and “set up bulk codes,” and then clicking “Get ad codes.”

When you are finished, you should adjust the settings for both your YouTube account and your Google Analytics account so that they both use the same information. You should also consider returning to these pages on a regular basis to check on their status and ensure that everything is operating well and without any problems.

How to sign up for AdSense on YouTube

Before you can apply for a YouTube AdSense account, you will first need to ensure that your channel is set up to generate revenue. To accomplish this, navigate to the advanced options section of your video’s settings and turn on the’monetization’ toggle. If it is not possible for advertisements to play in particular nations or territories (for example, due to legal constraints), then those locations will be represented as being unavailable for ad display while other areas are available to display advertisements. After you have finished doing that, go to the option labeled “Monetize,” and from there, choose either “display non-skippable advertising” or “autoplay movies with sound,” or both!

Please leave a comment below if you have any queries on the operation of YouTube Adsense. This will allow me to assist you in answering any other issues that may be related.

You can visit their page at the following link if you would like more information about YouTube AdSense:

Please fill out this form with the following information in order to make an application for Google AdSense and to receive approval on your account so that you may start earning money through YouTube:

– Your site’s URL (e.g., – The language of your site (English) – A phone number where we can contact you – An email address that is not a Gmail or G Suite one

– We would appreciate it if you could supply us with an estimate of the daily traffic that your website receives on average each month.

What does AdSense stand for?

The advertisements known as AdSense can be found on the sides of videos or in the spaces in-between them. YouTube generates revenue whenever one of its users clicks on an ad and then splits that cash with the channel in question. Even if a user never actually sees your video, YouTube will continue to split the advertising money with you for any videos that play with a pre-roll advertisement.

If Google determines that our website is suitable for one of their profitable positions (which would indicate that we receive a lot of visitors), then they may offer us $0.01 per view, with a 0 monthly cap on the highest amount they will pay us. Nevertheless, because there are more sponsors than those few prized places, there is a very slim possibility that we will be able to secure one of them unless we already have a significant online presence, similar to that of Smosh or PewDiePie. In addition to this, AdSense is not compatible with mobile devices, which means that anyone who creates videos just with their phone will not be able to use it to monetize their work.

Even if you didn’t publish the video in question, advertisers can nonetheless let YouTube know about inappropriate content that they found in your videos or channels. If a sufficient number of advertisers report a problem, then YouTube will remove all of the advertisements from your channel and prevent revenue until the problems are fixed.

After having our adverts taken down because of infractions, if we want them back, we need to respond to any complaints that have been made by advertisers and make improvements as the advertisers have requested. The amount of days that must pass before an individual is eligible to reapply ranges from 30 to 90 days, depending on the seriousness of the offense, although it can be as long as 180 days for specific businesses, like as McDonald’s and Walmart, that only permit particular kinds of recordings.

Advertisers who have a YouTube account and have agreed to YouTube’s advertiser rules are the only ones who will be able to view the video that has been reported as inappropriate. We are unable to flag our own content; prior to this action being taken, we require a report from an external source. Once reported by an external party then there will be a copyright violation notice on the AdSense page of your Youtube channel which you would need to address or delete any ads from the video in question until resolved with advertisers requests for change are completed (if violated). If you are content with the modifications that advertising businesses have suggested, then you should follow through with making those adjustments within 15 days and then get in touch with us again about asking monetization.

What exactly is YouTube’s advertising program?

The advertising program that is utilized on YouTube is known as AdSense for YouTube. [But what exactly does it accomplish?](link to blog post)

Because it is an online advertising business, you have the ability to be a content producer while also displaying advertisements that are relevant to your work.

– You have control over where your advertisement appears (on the video itself or on the channel page), who sees it, and for how long they see it.

– If someone clicks on the ad, then you will earn money from Google based on the number of views that video got while their ad was running across all devices in countries with active YouTube watch time reporting like Canada*, Australia*, and Brazil* (* excluding Japan). This money will be based on the total number of views that video got while their ad was running. This encompasses traditional desktop computers in addition to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, among other things. **Get additional information on the expenditure caps of different countries.

– You can also make money off of YouTube Red subscriptions and partner playlists by providing them to your audience and sharing them with them.

AdSense has a stringent restriction on what kinds of content are permitted, so in order to prevent having your account suspended, make sure you follow the guidelines very carefully.

Where can I find the instructions for linking my new AdSense account to YouTube?

Within your YouTube Studio account, navigate to the left-hand menu and select the Monetization option. To sign up for Google AdSense, select it from the menu on the left and then click the START button. When requested to do so, enter the password for your YouTube account and reauthenticate yourself if necessary.

Do you allow for multiple AdSense accounts?

According to the guidelines, each company can only have one AdSense account. If you are having trouble resolving an issue that involves numerous programs, we have provided you with some helpful hints that can be found below.

I’d like to alter my AdSense bank account; is it possible?

Your AdSense account does not permit you to modify the address where payments are sent, which is unfortunate. In the event that you have moved to a different nation or region, you will be required to terminate your existing AdSense account and create a new one.

How do I make changes to my website that is associated with AdSense?

Sellers: After you have successfully logged in to your existing AdSense account, navigate to the “sites” tab in order to delete your domain or website. Buyers: Repeat the steps required to sign up for AdSense while using a fresh account each time. After that, you are need to wait for permission from Google.

I already have an AdSense account; can I link both of my YouTube accounts to it?

Using a single AdSense account across many YouTube channels is something that can be done. Getting started with AdSense on YouTube is as simple as linking your channel to the appropriate account. You may add as many as you like!

What does it mean to have a linked AdSense account?

You can update the Google AdSense account that is linked to your YouTube channel in order to monetise your own website if you are a YouTube Partner. AdSense will do an analysis of your website and notify you when it is ready to begin displaying advertising. It’s time to make some changes to your AdSense profile if you don’t already have a Sites page there.