How do I change my default address on Amazon?


Where can I find the instructions to modify my shipping preferences on Amazon?

With Amazon, adjusting your shipping preferences can be done in a few different ways.
1) To manage your shipping address, go to the Amazon website, click on the “Your Account” link, and then select the “Manage Your Shipping Address” option.
2) If you go to the tab labeled “Your Orders” on Amazon’s website, you can also click on any order to view it.

What does a default address mean?

The mailing address that is provided to a corporation by the postal service is referred to as the default address.

Where is the address that is used by default for shipping?

The address that is on file with your credit card company is the one that will be used as the shipping address by default.

Where can I find the instructions for changing my delivery address on the Amazon app?

Using the Amazon app, you may modify your shipping address by going to the Settings menu and selecting Shipping Address. You can make adjustments to your current address by tapping on the “Edit” button that is located in the upper right corner of your screen once you have arrived there.

Is it possible to update the delivery address on Amazon before the package is sent out?

Yes! You are able to update your mailing address up until the point that an item is dispatched from On the page that contains the order details, you’ll find a button labeled “Edit,” which you can use to accomplish this.

Where can I find the address that Amazon uses by default? is a massive online retail establishment that deals in a wide variety of products, ranging from videos and books to apparel and games. Also, the company carries a comprehensive range of athletic items, furniture, and electrical goods. The headquarters of Amazon can be found in Seattle, Washington.
Due to the fact that Amazon is an online merchant, it does not have a default address.