How do I delete my marketplace on Facebook?


  1. To access the Marketplace, navigate to your News Feed’s upper left corner and click there.
  2. Simply navigate to Your Account. To view your listings, go here.
  3. Just delete the listing you want to remove by clicking on it.
  4. Click the Delete button twice to remove something completely.
How do I get back into my Facebook Marketplace account?

Please feel free to get in touch with Facebook if you have any inquiries regarding your Facebook Marketplace.
Please get in touch with Facebook if you have any inquiries regarding the status of your account.

How can I bring back a Marketplace listing that I accidentally deleted?

You are able to upload a duplicate of the listing to the Marketplace if you have one available to you. In that case, your only choice is to get in touch with the Microsoft Support team.

How can I navigate to the listings I’ve created in the Facebook Marketplace?

Using the Facebook app, you will have access to all of the listings you have created on Facebook Marketplace. To accomplish this, launch the application and pick “Marketplace” from the menu that appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. You will be sent to a page that has all of your active listings at this time. If you wish to view an existing listing or make changes to it, simply click on the listing, and you will be sent to the page for that particular listing.

What happened to my Facebook Marketplace, and why was it removed?

The Facebook Marketplace is a function that enables users to interact with their Facebook friends in order to purchase and sell products. It is not sold in all countries, most notably the United States of America, and hence cannot be purchased there.

Is it possible to be permanently banned from the Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook Marketplace is a component of the social networking site where users may interact with one another to buy and sell products. It is possible to get banned from Facebook Marketplace in a number of different ways; however, the most typical approach is to have your account reported for breaking one or more of Facebook’s regulations.

What happened to the icon for my Marketplace account?

It’s possible that a recent update caused the Marketplace icon to vanish from your screen. When you updated your phone in the past, it was possible that the Marketplace symbol disappeared from your home screen. If you are utilizing a Windows Phone, it is possible that you will require assistance from the Microsoft Store in order to reinstall the Marketplace application.

Why isn’t the Facebook Marketplace functioning properly?

Many users are reporting that they are unable to access Facebook Marketplace. Since quite some time ago, Facebook’s Marketplace application has been plagued by a variety of issues. They are working to find a solution to the problem, but it will take some time.

What exactly is the problem with Facebook’s Marketplace?

The marketplace on Facebook is an excellent venue for buying and selling goods. You may use this absolutely free software to find anything, from a new table to a used bike, and everything in between. The main drawback is that the app does not provide the same level of protection as eBay offers, and as a result, it is not advised for the sale of high-value items.

Why am I unable to make changes to my Marketplace listing?

After your listing has been made public, you will have the opportunity to make changes to it. To make changes to a listing, navigate to the page labeled “My Listings” and choose the listing from the list that appears. You will be able to upload new photographs, as well as edit the title and description of the listing.

What exactly is the jail on Facebook?

When an individual’s account is banned from Facebook, they are said to be “in Facebook jail.” In most cases, this action is taken because the user has violated the website’s terms and conditions.

How long will the Marketplace be unavailable?

A suspension from the Marketplace will persist for an undetermined amount of time and has the potential to continue indefinitely.
A suspension of the Marketplace lasts indefinitely and has the potential to go on indefinitely.

Is it possible to continue using Messenger even if you have been banned from Facebook?

As long as you are logged into Facebook, it is my understanding that you will be able to utilize Messenger. However, I cannot confirm this on my own.