How do I free up space in my Hotmail account?


  1. You can delete old messages and files from your Hotmail account to make more space available for new ones.
  2. By archiving mails, you can also lower the amount of space taken up in your inbox.
What should I do if my inbox in Hotmail is already full?

If the mailbox you have with Hotmail is already at capacity, you have the option of either deleting some mails or upgrading to a larger mailbox. Just pick the messages you want to erase and then press the Delete key. You can increase the size of your mailbox by going to the upper right corner of the window, clicking on the gear symbol, and then selecting the preferences option. After that, select the Upgrade button and continue to follow the on-screen instructions.

How can I rapidly organize my inbox in Hotmail?

You can clear out your Hotmail account by deleting all of the messages in your inbox as well as the ones in your trash can. You also have the option of deleting each and every contact that is stored in your address book. At this point, you are free to delete any and all of the messages in the sent folder.

Is there a limit on how much space you can use with Hotmail?

On Hotmail, there is no cap on the amount of space you can use. Nevertheless, if you go over the Microsoft Services Agreement limit of 10 GB for free accounts and 200 GB for paying accounts, your account could be suspended.

How do I archive outlook so that I can make more room on my computer?

In order to archive messages in Outlook, you may either move them to a folder designated for archives or remove them entirely. Launch Outlook and make a selection of the message you wish to archive before proceeding to move it to an archive folder. To access the archive, first select File from the top menu bar, then click Archive. The destination folder for your archived messages can be selected in the Archive dialog box; after making your selection, click the OK button.
Launch Outlook and pick the message you wish to remove from your inbox before clicking the Delete button. Simply pick Delete after clicking the File button in the top menu bar.

Is using Hotmail’s email service free of charge?

There is no charge for using the Hotmail email service. Microsoft currently owns what is one of the oldest email service providers in the world.

Do I need a paid account to use Hotmail?

Not at all; using Hotmail’s email service is completely free.

What is the best way to organize thousands of emails?

There are a few different approaches to taking care of cleaning up thousands of emails. You have the option of archiving them, deleting them, or moving them to a new folder to save them. You also have the option of creating rules that will automatically delete or transfer the items.

Is it true that Gmail is superior to Hotmail?

Because of the diversity of people and their choices, there is no straightforward response to this inquiry. Gmail is favored by certain users because it offers a wide variety of useful functions and can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual users. Some people favor Hotmail over other email services because it is simpler and more intuitive to use. In the end, everything boils down to a matter of individual preference.

Which among the several free email services is the best?

There is a wide selection of free email accounts accessible, but the one that is most suitable for you will depend on the things you require. If you require a lot of capacity to store your emails, Gmail from Google is a wonderful alternative to consider. You should consider using ProtonMail if you feel the need for a more secure email account.

Is Outlook equivalent to Hotmail in any way?

There is a difference between Outlook and Hotmail. While Outlook is a desktop email client, Hotmail is an email service that can be accessed through the web.

After archiving, why is my Outlook still overflowing with messages?

Because the archiving process does not permanently destroy messages from your inbox, Outlook may continue display that it is full even after you have completed the process. Instead, communications are moved to an archive file that is saved on your personal computer by Outlook. If you wish to remove messages from your inbox in a way that cannot be undone, you will need to remove them from the archive file.

How can I prevent Outlook from deleting an email that I want to keep?

You have the option of saving an email as a draft if you do not wish to delete it after reading it. To accomplish this, open the email and click the Save As Draft button that is located in the toolbar of your browser.

Does the act of archiving release any space?

It is true that archiving can help free up space on your device by removing files from it that are no longer required. However, it is essential to keep in mind that archiving does not permanently remove files; in the event that they are required, they can be restored.

How can I determine how much storage space I have left in Outlook?

You can determine how much storage space you have available in Outlook by selecting File > Info from the menu bar. You can see how much of your storage quota you’ve used and how much is still available by looking at the “Usage” section in the table.

Do messages that have been erased take up space?

Deleted emails do, in fact, take up storage space. However, the amount of space they take up is determined by the email provider as well as the period of time that has passed since the messages were erased. For instance, Gmail will only keep a record of deleted messages for a period of thirty days.

When old emails are archived in Outlook, are they deleted?

The deleting of old emails is a side effect of archiving in Outlook. When you archive an email, it is moved from your Inbox to the Archive folder on your computer instead of being deleted. After that, the email will be removed from your Inbox as well as any other folders it was in.