How do I get back a deleted TikTok?


Due to the fact that the company does not offer such functionalities, it is not feasible to recover a video or profile that you have deleted from TikTok. When you delete a profile or a video, the information is immediately removed from all of their databases, including the one that is housed on their supercomputer.

Can you see deleted Tik Toks?

Just tapping on the video will bring up the previously erased video on your device. When you get a message on an iPhone, the icon of a broken SD camera that appears at the bottom of the screen typically signifies that the message was sent from the device of another person. If you want to respond to the person who sent you the message, you can do so by tapping the share button, which is located on the right side of the screen at the top.

How do I get back stuff I deleted?

What Can Be Done Using the “Ctrl+Z” Function The “Ctrl+Z” function can undo the deletion of any prior files that were performed inadvertently on the hard disk drive of a computer. You will need to press “Ctrl+Z” in order to restore these files.

How do I get in touch with TikTok?

TikTok is an application for social media that enables users to create and share short films with their contacts. You have the ability to follow them, like their posts, and send them messages.
You will need to visit the website of the company, which is located at, in order to get in touch with TikTok. You can find their contact information in the footer at the bottom of the homepage, where it is located on the website.

Where are the drafts of my TikTok videos saved?

The drafts that you create on TikTok are saved within the program, and you can access them by heading to “Your Profile” and then selecting “Drafts” from the menu that appears.

Where exactly can I see drafts of TikTok?

Users of the social media app TikTok are able to share videos with both their friends and followers on the platform. On the app, you may see drafts of your videos by tapping the icon labeled “My Profile,” then selecting the option labeled “Drafts.