How do I link my Paytm account to Uber?


  1. To begin, launch the Uber app and navigate to the app’s Payments menu.
  2. Under Add Payment Method, select Paytm.
  3. You will be prompted to enter the email address and password associated with your Paytm account.
  4. After you have finished entering your information, pick the Authorize button to finish the procedure.
How do I link my Paytm account to my Uber account?

There is no direct mechanism for adding Paytm as a payment method on Uber; however, there are a few workarounds that can be used. You have the option of using the Paytm app to scan the QR code that is presented in the Uber app. This will cause your payment details to be immediately populated. You also have the option of entering the number associated with your Paytm wallet into the part of the Uber app labeled “Add Payment Method.”

Why does Uber not accept Paytm as a payment option?

Paytm is not yet an acceptable mode of payment for Uber rides because Paytm’s payment processing has several technical flaws that prevent it from working with Uber’s system. Nonetheless, Uber is constantly exploring for new and inventive ways to improve the rider experience, and as a result, we are hoping to introduce Paytm as a payment option in the near future.

How can I make Uber Wallet my primary payment method in Paytm?

Launch the Paytm app, then navigate to the ‘Wallet’ area of the app’s menu to make Uber your default Wallet option. Tap the plus sign that is located next to the Uber icon located under ‘My Wallets.’ Select the ‘Set as Default Wallet’ option, and then press the ‘Done’ button to confirm your selection.

How can I link my Paytm account?

Your Paytm account can be linked in a number of different ways. You can use either the Paytm app or the website to complete your transaction.
Launch the app and select the three horizontal lines located in the upper left hand corner of the main screen to link your Paytm account with the app. After that, navigate to “Settings” and then “Payment Methods.” Choose “Add Payment Method” and then “Scan QR Code” from the drop-down menu located under “Payment Methods.”

What exactly is Uber Paytm, then?

Riders are now able to pay for their Uber rides with the Paytm mobile application thanks to a new payment mechanism called Uber Paytm. Riders should only enter the information of their Uber ride into the Paytm app, at which point the software will automatically calculate the fare and deduct it from the riders’ respective Paytm accounts.

How can I pay the back payments for Uber?

If you have a financial obligation to Uber, you have the option of paying the company directly through their website or app, or you can pay the money to your local tax authorities, and they will then send the payment on to Uber.

What steps do I need to take to authorize my Uber account?

You will be required to download the Uber app and set up an account before being able to authenticate your Uber account. After you have successfully created an account, you will be required to input your personal information, followed by the information regarding your payment card. You will be able to make ride requests as soon as the necessary information for your credit card has been entered.

Is it possible to use Paytm postpaid with Uber?

It is possible to pay for Uber rides with Paytm postpaid. You can pay for your Uber rides by either adding your Paytm postpaid number as a payment method on the Uber app or by using the Paytm postpaid wallet. Both options are available to you.

Where can I find information on how to use Uber in India?

It is possible to use Uber in India. Launch the Uber app on your phone and enter your destination to request a trip. Before you request a ride, you will be able to view an estimate of the total cost of the fare.

How can I add a payment method to my Uber account?

There are a number different methods that you can fund your Uber account with payment. You have the option of adding a credit or debit card, as well as using PayPal or Apple Pay.

How do I make a cash payment to Uber?

Cash payments are not accepted by Uber.

How does Uber wallet work?

Riders have the ability to save their payment information and keep it on file with Uber through the use of the Uber Wallet function. This makes it simple to pay for rides without requiring you to enter your payment information at each and every transaction.

How can I obtain Uber ride in Delhi?

In Delhi, getting a trip with Uber can be accomplished in a number different ways. You can call Uber and place a ride request over the phone, or you can download the Uber app and create an account through the app.

What are the steps I need to take to move money from one Uber account to another?

There is no option to perform a direct transfer of funds from one Uber account to another. On the other hand, the Uber app has a “Send Money” tool that you may use to send a payment to either another rider or a driver.