How do you turn off your voicemail?


  1. There are a few different routes you can take to deactivate your voicemail.
  2. Just entering *86 into your phone’s keypad is one option.
  3. Because of this, your voicemail will be disabled, and you will no longer be able to hear any voicemails.
  4. You can also disable the service by going into the settings for your voicemail and selecting that option.
  5. You can do this by phoning your service provider or by checking into your account online. Both options are available to you.
Is it possible to deactivate your voicemail in any way?

It is true that there is a technique to deactivate your voicemail. To turn off voicemail on an iPhone, navigate to Settings > Phone > and then toggle the “Voicemail” setting to the “Off” position.

How can I stop receiving voicemails on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Phone > Voicemail on your iPhone, and then flip the switch to the Off position to disable the voicemail feature.

How can I deactivate the voicemail function on my Telstra iPhone?

You will need to navigate to the settings menu on your iPhone Telstra if you want to disable the voicemail feature. You will be able to turn off the voicemail feature if you go there.

How can I deactivate the voicemail feature on my Vodafone iPhone?

It is necessary to go into the settings of your iPhone Vodafone and disable the voicemail function in order to switch off the voicemail feature on the phone.

Can you disable voicemail on Android?

Yes, you can disable voicemail on Android. Launch the Phone app on your Android device and touch the Menu icon to disable the voicemail feature. After that, navigate to the Settings menu and select Voicemail. Finally, de-select the checkbox that’s next to Voicemail, then touch the Save button.

Where can I find the settings for my voicemail?

Launch the Phone app, then navigate to the Voicemail menu in order to find your voicemail settings. You can find your voicemail number, as well as your voicemail password and other settings, under the “Voicemail settings” heading.

How do I stop receiving SMS from Telstra?

Unsubscribing from Telstra’s marketing emails will stop the company from sending you messages. Visit their website and look for the link that says “unsubscribe” at the bottom of each email to do this task.

On my Telstra landline, how can I deactivate the voicemail feature?

You will need to call Telstra and ask them to disconnect the voicemail service for your landline in order to turn off the voicemail feature on your Telstra phone. Be prepared to offer them a rationale for why you want to disable voicemail because they may question you why you want to do that.

How can I delete the voicemail that’s been saved on my iPhone in Australia?

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then select Phone from the menu that appears. Doing so will disable voicemail on your device. Tap the Delete Voicemail Account button once you’ve located the Voicemail section further down the page.

How can I delete my voicemail from my Vodafone account?

To deactivate voicemail on a Vodafone phone, simply dial *#61# and then hit the call button. This will cause your voicemail to be disabled, causing any calls that you do not answer to be sent directly to your voicemail box.

How can I remove my voicemail on Vodafone?

You will need to contact customer support at Vodafone if you want to erase your voicemail. They will be able to remove your voicemail for you if you want them to.

How can I get rid of voicemail on Vodafone?

Calling Vodafone’s customer support and requesting that they stop the voicemail feature for you is the only way to get rid of the service once and for all. Be ready to give an explanation for why you want to disable it, as they will probably ask you why you want to do that.