how to add friends on dragonvale without facebook?


  1. There are several alternatives to utilizing Facebook to add friends on Dragonvale, including the following:
  2. You can add friends by going to the main menu, clicking on the “Friends” icon, and then selecting the “Add Friend” option from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. You also have the option of becoming a member of a guild and requesting that its other players add you as a buddy.
  4. -Finally, the “Invite Friends” feature that’s included in the game’s chat interface is at your disposal.
Where can I look up my friend ID on the DragonVale website?

DragonVale’s “Find Friends” option may be accessed by going to the “Friends” menu within the game and selecting the option. Then, after clicking the “Search” button, enter your friend’s name.

Does DragonVale cost money?

No, DragonVale does not cost money.

How do you breed DragonVale?

As compared to other games, DragonVale’s dragon breeding system is a little bit unique. To begin, you will need to locate a dragon egg and care for it until it hatches. After it has hatched, you will need to provide it with food and care until it is old enough to be transformed into a dragon. Either by gathering food from the surrounding environment or by purchasing food from a store, you can accomplish this goal.

How exactly does one go about re-adding friends on DragonVale?

Your account will be temporarily suspended if you have not logged in for more than 24 hours during that time period. After you have successfully reconnected and finished the instruction, you will be able to add friends to your account and sign in.

Please explain what a friend ID is.

A user’s account on Facebook is given a one-of-a-kind identifier called a friend ID, which can be used to identify that user when they are logged in to the website.

How exactly does one go about cheating in DragonVale?

Because the game is intended to be played fairly, there is no legitimate way to cheat in DragonVale. Yet, there are a few strategies that players have discovered to be effective in advancing to higher levels. One strategy that is frequently used is to buy and sell the same products over and over again at the auction house in order to generate quick gains. The employment of cheats or hackers, which provide players with an advantage over their rivals, is yet another tactic that can be implemented.

What kind of dragon is the most difficult to find in DragonVale?

The Gold Dragon is the most elusive of all the dragons in DragonVale.

Why is the world of DragonVale going to be deleted?

DragonVale was taken down from the App Store for a number of different reasons, the primary one being that it did not live up to the high expectations that we have for our software. We want to thank you for playing DragonVale and for the support you’ve shown us along the way. We hope you had a great experience!

Which dragon in Dragonvale requires a breeding time of 49 hours?

The Gronckle is the name of the dragon in question.

What percentage of dragons are Double Rainbow Dragons?

Due to the fact that there has never been a documented instance of a Double Rainbow Dragon, this inquiry cannot be satisfactorily answered. Nonetheless, it appears that the Double Rainbow Dragon is relatively rare. This conclusion can be drawn based on anecdotal information as well as numerous online forums.

How do you acquire a white gold dragon?

You can get a snowy gold dragon by breeding a white dragon and a gold dragon.

Is it possible to play DragonVale world even now?

You can still participate in the DragonVale world game. After March 15, 2019, the video game will no longer be available for purchase or download and will be taken off the market.

How exactly does one go about changing their PFP in DragonVale?

Due to the fact that the procedure of altering your PFP in DragonVale will differ depending on both your account and the device you use, there is no universally applicable response to this topic. Yet, the following are some suggestions for altering your PFP in DragonVale:
Be certain that you are logged into your account and that you have access to your game data before beginning the level.
2. At Dragon City, are you able to gift dragons to your friends?

In Dragon City, it is possible to lend Dragons to one’s companions.

Is it possible to locate my friend code online?

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method available online for locating your friend code.