How to Adjust a Bifold Door Aligner


Bifold doors, both interior and exterior, may fold in or out to create openings, and they have a greater number of moving components than a standard door does. The door aligners are one of the most important components that they have. When the doors are closed, these aligners, which are installed on the rear of the doors, ensure that the doors remain vertically aligned. It’s possible that this is the source of the issue if your bifold doors seem to be out of place.

How to Install Door Aligners

This Old House acknowledges that it is difficult to install bifold doors, and installing the door aligners is one of the last tasks you need to do to finish the job. This Old House also provides a handy graphic that illustrates the various components of a standard bifold door and where they should be located. The majority consist of two doors that are hinged to each other in pairs, which are then suspended on rails, although some contain additional parts.

The first step in installing a simple bifold door includes attaching the hinges to the door. This may be accomplished by using a drill and a self-centering bit to get the desired result. It is essential that the inside door align itself exactly orthogonally with the outside door. After they have been aligned using a square, the hinge plates may be screwed together. The next thing you need to do is fasten the door track plates to the underside of the doors. Using the hacksaw, trim the plates to the appropriate length, and then insert the door’s hanging hardware into the track. After that, fasten your track to the upper portion of the entranceway.

The next step is to place the floor bracket on the ground, then to move the doors onto the track, and finally to connect the hardware to the doors. After the door has been fastened, the bracket may be affixed to the floor using screws. Obtain the door aligners, and go to the other side of the door; if this is occurring inside of a closet, the space may be quite restricted. After screwing in the aligners between the doors, close the doors and make sure they are 6 inches above the floor. Installing the door handles is the very last stage in the process.

Adjusting Bifold Door Aligners

Return to the other side of the bifold door, shut it, and confirm that the alignment is correct there. It is possible that the track hardware will need to be adjusted if the reveal around the door is not even at this stage. If your bifold doors have been installed for some time and have seen a significant amount of usage over that period of time, it is possible that one or both of the doors have become misaligned. When the aligners are not in their proper positions, this shift may take occur.

Place a level on top of each bracket to determine which of the brackets needs to be modified and make the necessary adjustments. Remove the screws from the faulty aligner bracket while maintaining the closed doors position. While you are working, use a level to rotate the aligner to the side. Make the necessary adjustments to its position so that it is pressed up against the opposing aligner. Repeat the previous step with the level, and after ensuring that everything is as it should be, replace the aligner’s screws.

Other Kinds of Bifold Doors

There are many more applications for bifold doors besides closets. Bifold doors may be used both inside and outdoors, and Architecture Lab displays a range of them, some of which are pretty lovely. The first one has three enormous glass panels and a door that swings out onto the garden. These types of outside bifold doors offer both a physical and a visual connection to the outdoors, making them ideal for use in settings such as patios around swimming pools and gardens. You could also want to think about getting a door system that is comparable but has more than two panels; some of them even have seven panels.

You could also utilise a bifold door to go from a living room into a bathroom, from a kitchen into a pantry, or from a kitchen into a covered eating terrace. All of these options are possible. It’s possible that you could even wish to utilise them to section off rooms in a basement in certain instances. If you have outside bifold doors, you should ensure that they have secure locking mechanisms installed. There are a variety of options available, including as reinforced glass, locking panels, and associated security systems.


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