How to Decorate an Entrance for Good Luck


Even if you don’t believe in superstition, it might be reassuring to have a lucky charm or two lying about your house, just in case anything bad happens. Since the atmosphere of the rest of the house is established at the foyer, this is an ideal location to include some elements of good luck into your home. You may pick from a wide range of decorative things to adorn either the interior or exterior entrances of your home, since many different cultures have customs that are designed to bring prosperity to a person’s residence. Even if you aren’t certain that a certain item will bring you fortune, you may still enjoy having one or more of these fantastic discussion pieces in your house.

Hang a Horseshoe

A horseshoe is one of the most prominent decorations for bringing good luck to your house. If you want to create a discussion piece for your foyer, you might choose to hang the horseshoe on the inside of your front door rather than the outside, since this is the traditional location for the horseshoe. It is said that hanging the horseshoe such that the open end faces upward would bring everyone in the house luck and prosperity. If, on the other hand, you hang it so that the open end is facing downward, the horseshoe is said to bring anybody who walks beneath it an abundance of good fortune. Horseshoes are often sold at businesses that specialise in hardware or tools; but, if you are unable to locate any in your immediate area, you may also look for them online.

Choose Feng Shui Colors

According to feng shui, selecting the appropriate colours to design your entryway will assist bring good luck to your house. However, the appropriate colours will change depending on the position of your front door. If your front entrance faces south, you should choose a door and accessories in the colour red or orange. Choose either a blue or black door if you want the entry to be facing north. If your entry is facing east, you should decorate it with brown or green door and door decorations, and if it is facing west, you should decorate it with grey or white door and door decorations.

Choose a colour that is little more on the green or blue side for a door that faces southeast. Yellow or beige doors are considered to be the luckiest choice for entrances that face either the southwest or the northeast. For a northwest-facing entry, bring good fortune to your property with a white- or metallic-colored door.

According to Joy Custom, some practitioners of feng shui recommend that a residence should have a red door for good luck, regardless of the direction that the door faces in the home. According to Lush Home, golden coins and bells are two other feng shui good luck artefacts that may be placed in a doorway.

Hang a Dutch Hex Sign

A Dutch hex sign is an excellent choice for use as a decoration for an inside door if you are seeking for such an alternative. The tradition of these brightly coloured and artistically drawn signs was brought to the United States by Dutch immigrants, and the craft of producing them is still extensively practised across the state of Pennsylvania. A Dutch hex sign that is hung on the outside of the house or above the entrance on the inside of the front door is not meant to bring bad luck, despite the name of the sign.

On the contrary, it is believed that the sign will bring protection and prosperity to the household. There is a wide selection of designs available for the signage, some of which include birds, stars, flowers, and hearts. Select one that speaks to you the most and affix it to the top of your front door to adorn your entrance and usher in a wave of good fortune. The Glencairn Museum in Pennsylvania claims that a traditional good luck sign has an image of a golden bird, which is also known as a thistle finch.

Decorate with White Lights

White string lights aren’t just for the holidays; according to legend, they also have the power to bring fortune and prosperity into a home. Decorating your home’s external foyer or front porch with white lights, as recommended by feng shui, can bring opportunity into your life and make it easier for you to identify it when it knocks on your door. You might use a string of lights to accentuate the shape of your front door, or you could wrap them around the columns or railing of your foyer. If the foyer or doorway inside your home is gloomy, you should probably turn on the lights once you’re inside instead.