How to Delete Login Activity on Instagram?


  1. Open the Instagram app first, and then touch on the profile symbol located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will allow you to remove any previous login activity.
  2. Once reaching that point, scroll all the way to the top of your profile and then tap on the three lines that are located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Next, scroll all the way down and click on “Tap “Settings,” then scroll down once more and select “Privacy” from the menu that appears.
  4. To finish, hit the “Logged In With Facebook” button, and then tap the “Log Out” button “Remove.
Is it possible to delete your Instagram login history?

You may, in fact, clear off your Instagram login history at any time. Launch the application, and then navigate to the profile section of the menu. To access the settings menu, first tap the icon that looks like three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap the “Logged In With” option after scrolling down the page. To remove a device from the list, tap the X that is next to the item in question.

How can I stop Instagram from remembering my login information?

You will need to go into your settings on Instagram and adjust the option labeled “Login notifications” in order to disable Instagram’s login activity. You will no longer receive a notification from Instagram every time a new user registers into your account once you make this change.

How can I delete my history of logged in sessions?

It’s simple to clear your history of logged in sessions. Simply proceed in the following manner:
Go to the option labeled “Settings.”
Click on the “Privacy” tab to continue.
Keep scrolling down until you reach the option labeled “Clear Browsing Data.”
Mark the boxes corresponding to the data that you do not wish to keep, then click “Clearing the Air.

Is it possible to view previous logins on Instagram?

You are able to view your previous Instagram logins, yes. Launch the application and navigate to the profile section to examine your login history. Touch the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen, then pick “Settings” from the menu that appears. Go to the bottom and tap the “Security” button, then “Record of Previous Logins

Where can I find the delete button for the logged actions and other activity?

It is possible to erase logged activities and other activity in a few different methods.
Going into the Activity Log and deleting individual items is one method that can be used.
One more option is to delete all of the history from your web browser.
At long last, you have the option to delete both your account and all of the data linked with it.

How exactly does one go about removing their Instagram username?

To deactivate an Instagram username:
Go to your profile and select “Edit Profile” from the menu.
Simply scroll down and select “Change Username” from the menu.
First enter your existing username, then write in the one you want to use going forward.
After making your selection, select “Change Username” to finalize the process.

How exactly does one go about removing an old Instagram username?

If you want to get rid of an outdated Instagram username:
After you have logged in, navigate to the page that contains your profile.
To access the menu, touch the three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of the screen.
Go to the bottom and click on “Settings.”
Click the link that says “Delete Your Account.”
Tap to continue after entering your password “Remove Your Account.

Is there someone else using my Instagram account?

Although there is no way to know for certain, it is highly improbable that someone else is using your Instagram account without your awareness. You will need to provide both your username and your password in order to access Instagram. If you have reason to believe that an unauthorized user has accessed your account, you can strengthen the security of your account by updating your password.

Why does the activity log for my Instagram account show a different phone number?

Because you could have logged in to Instagram from a different device, the phone that appears in your Instagram login activity could be different. You can check your login history if you are unsure of the computer or device you used to initially log in. Launch Instagram and navigate to your profile to see a record of your previous logins. Touch the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen, then pick “Settings” from the menu that appears. To log in, scroll down and click the “Logins” button. You will be able to view a list of all of the different devices that have been used to log in to your account.

What exactly does Instagram mean when it detects a suspicious login attempt?

An attempt to log in to your Instagram account that seems strange, such as entering in from a new device or location, is considered a suspicious login attempt. Instagram notifies users when they receive a notification about a suspicious login attempt. If you find that your Instagram account is being used in a way that seems fishy, you should immediately reset your password and let Instagram know what happened.

How can I delete a post I’ve seen?

You are able to delete a post that you have viewed by selecting the option from the menu that appears after you click the three dots that are located in the upper right corner of the post “delete.

Where can I find the instructions for deleting recent activity on Marketplace?

Go to the page titled “My marketplace activity,” and then click on the box labeled “Clear all.” This will eliminate any recent activity on the Marketplace. Doing this action will result in the deletion of all of your previous Marketplace activities.

How can I remove all of my Facebook activity that has been logged?

To remove all of your Facebook activity that has been logged, you need to do the following:
Sign in to your Facebook account.
To access the main menu, navigate to the upper left corner of the screen and click on the three horizontal lines.
Choose “Settings” from the menu.
Choose to view the “Activity Log.”
Choose “Clear Activity Log” from the menu that appears in the top right hand corner of the “Activity Log” screen.
6. On Instagram, what’s the difference between using your real name and a username?

When you log into Instagram, the name you use to do so is referred to as your “username.” Your username can be anything you want it to be, but it’s better to pick something that reflects who you are or your business. Your name is the name that shows next to your posts and on your profile. It is also the name that you use when you log in. When you establish an account, it is not possible for you to alter this information because it is automatically assigned to you.

How do I delete outdated usernames?

You can delete an old username by going to your account settings and selecting the “Delete your account” option. This will allow you to erase the username. When you delete your account on Quora, all of your personal information and content will be removed from the website.