how to hide instagram posts from a follower?


  1. you can choose to have your posts hidden from followers who have chosen to “hide all posts from this account” in their settings.
Is it possible to make specific Instagram followers unable to see particular posts?

You are able to conceal Instagram posts from specific followers if you so choose. To do this, open the post that you wish to hide and then hit the three dots that are located in the top right corner of the screen. After that, select the “Hide from” option. After that, you will be given the option to select which of your followers should not see the post.

Is it possible for me to keep a single Instagram post private?

It is possible to keep a single Instagram post hidden from a specific user. To accomplish this, tap the three dots located in the top right corner of the post, and then pick “Hide from” from the drop-down menu that appears. After that, select the account from which you want to conceal it.

Does Instagram offer the option to temporarily hide posts?

Your posts on Instagram can be hidden, that much is certain. To accomplish this, navigate to your profile and then tap the three lines that are located in the top left corner of the screen. Go to the bottom and select Settings, then scroll to the bottom one more and select Account. Tap the Posts are Public button, then turn the switch to the off position.

Where can I get instructions on how to conceal someone else’s posts on Instagram without actually blocking them?

On Instagram, it is not possible to conceal the postings of another user without first blocking them. You have the option to either stop following someone or to block them in order to avoid seeing their posts.

What happens if I block someone on Instagram and they try to follow me?

If you choose to restrict a user on Instagram, that person will no longer be able to view the posts that you publish.

How can I make sure that only certain people see what I post on Instagram?

There are a number different ways that users can post on Instagram without having their feeds visible to everyone. Creating a private account, which restricts access to your content to only those individuals whom you specify, is one solution. There is also the option of creating a “story,” which is a temporary post that is removed once twenty-four hours have passed.

Can I find out who follows me on Instagram and likes my posts?

You can, in fact, keep track of who visits your Instagram account. If you have an Instagram account but you’re not following any other users, then no one will be able to see the photographs you post. If you follow someone, that person will be able to view your photos. If you have a large number of followers on Instagram, then it is likely that your photos are public and that anybody can view them.

What are the signs that someone has blocked my access to Instagram?

There is no foolproof method for determining with absolute certainty whether or not someone has limited your visibility on Instagram; nevertheless, there are a few things you can keep an eye out for. It is possible that a user has blocked your access to their account if you are unable to view posts from that user even if you are aware that you should be able to read those posts or if their account suddenly disappears from your feed. In addition, if you try to view the profile of another user and receive the notice “This account is not available,” it is quite likely that the user has blocked your visibility.

How can you tell if someone on Instagram has restricted your account?

On Instagram, whether or not someone has restricted your account can be determined in a few different ways. If you are unable to view their profile, posts, or stories, then it is likely that they have blocked your access. In addition, if you try to search for their account and it does not appear, then it is quite possible that they have restricted access to it for you.

Do you have the ability to know whether someone has taken a screenshot of your Instagram story?

You are able to check to see whether someone has taken a screenshot of your Instagram story. When you submit a story to Instagram, the app will notify the sender if a screenshot is taken of their story by another user.

Is it possible for someone to know how many times you’ve watched someone else’s Instagram story?

The number of times you’ve viewed another user’s Instagram story can be seen by that user. If the person you are following on Instagram has the “Story Views” option enabled, and you see their story, you will be able to see the number of times their tale has been viewed in the “Story Views” area of their profile. This figure represents the total number of individuals who have watched that individual’s tale.

Who is following me on Instagram, and why?

There is no way to know for certain who is monitoring your Instagram account; nevertheless, there are a few things you can take to try to preserve your privacy and prevent others from doing so. First things first, check to see that your profile is set to private and that only followers who have been approved can see your postings. Disabling the location settings on your account is another way to restrict the people who are able to view your whereabouts.

Is there a way to ban someone gently on Instagram?

You are able to give someone a “soft block” on Instagram. To do this, navigate to the person’s profile and then tap the three dots that are located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The next step is to pick “Block.

If someone has concealed their Instagram story, how can you know whether they have done so?

There are a number different indicators that can be used to determine whether or not someone has their Instagram story hidden. The first thing you need to do is seek for the tab labeled “Story” at the very top of the screen. In the event that it is absent, this indicates that the individual has concealed their tale. Checking the number of people who are currently watching is another method. If the number is 0, it indicates that the person is trying to conceal their narrative.

What exactly does “ghost” mean when it comes to Instagram?

When you briefly remove yourself from someone else’s following list on Instagram, you are said to be “ghosting” them. This is something that can be done for a variety of reasons, including the desire to take a break from social media or the want to avoid viewing the posts of a certain person.