how to see friend activity on spotify iphone?


Where can I find a history of my activities on the Spotify mobile app?

Use the Spotify mobile app and login in to view your activity on Spotify mobile. You’ll find a list of your most recent playlists and songs in the “My Activities” section of the app.

How can I view the activities on my Spotify account?

Launch Spotify on your computer and login in to see your activities there. You’ll see a column labeled “History” on the left side of the main window, to the right of where it says “Your Music.” You’ll be able to view a list of all the songs you’ve listened to, together with the number of times each song has been played and the total amount of time it’s been played.

On the iPhone version of Spotify, is it possible to view the music that your friends are listening to?

On the iPhone, there is currently no way to view what music your friends are listening to on Spotify.

Is it possible to look at someone else’s Spotify playback history?

It is possible to view a user’s whole playlist history on Spotify. You are able to view the artists that they have listened to, the locations in which they have listened to those artists, as well as the time periods in which they have listened to those artists.

Why am I no longer able to view the activities of my friends on Spotify?

It’s possible that Spotify removed your pals from the Activities display on their platform.

How exactly does friend activity on Spotify work?

The music you play and the friends you follow both have an impact on the activity that occurs among Spotify friends. If a buddy plays a song more than once, the song will be tallied against their activity more than once for each time it is played. In a similar vein, the activity that a friend generates for an artist will grow if that friend follows more than one artist.

Who can look at the history of my Spotify listening?

Only you are able to view the content of your Spotify history.

Are members of my family able to view the playlists on my Spotify account?

Your immediate family members can, in fact, view the playlists you keep on Spotify. On the other hand, the only music that they will be able to view are the ones that you have personally added to your playlist. They will be unable to view the songs that are now being played in the background.

Is it possible to view the playlists created by other users on Spotify?

You are able to view the playlists that other users have created on Spotify. Simply launch Spotify and select the three vertical lines located in the top left corner of the main screen. That’s all there is to it. You will then be able to view all of the playlists that other users have shared with them from that location.

Is Apple Music a more superior alternative to Spotify?

To this question, there is no single response that is applicable to everyone. Apple Music may be more appealing to some users than Spotify due to the greater variety of musical styles and performers that it offers. Others might choose Spotify over other music streaming services because it has a wider variety of songs available. Your tastes will ultimately determine which option is most suitable for you to go with.

Is the Spotify group session only available to premium subscribers?

Not at all; a group session on Spotify is accessible to all users.

Can Spotify be played on only one device at a time?

No, Spotify can be used on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Can users of Spotify without a premium subscription attend a session?

Those without a Spotify Premium subscription are able to participate in sessions. They will not, however, have access to all of the features that are available with a premium membership.

How can you get people to listen at a Spotify party?

Launch Spotify and log in to your account.
To start a new party, use the “Create Party” option from the main menu.
Enter the name of your party, select the type of music that will be played, and select the hour that your party will begin.
Choose from your songs from the playlist, then show it to your friends.

How do I join a Spotify session that someone else is already having?

Launch Spotify and navigate to the user’s profile to join a session that someone else is playing. Choose “Sessions” from the drop-down menu that appears to the left of “Playlists.” Choose “Join Session” from the drop-down menu that appears next to “Active Sessions.”