how to underline text on iphone?


  1. With an iPhone, you must first open the text that you wish to underline before you can proceed to highlight it.
  2. The text must then be selected by tapping and holding it until it is highlighted.
  3. After that, select the underline button from the toolbar by tapping on it. Your text is going to be underlined right now.
Is it possible to highlight something in a text message?

You can certainly highlight things in a text message.

With an iPhone, what are the steps to make text bold or italic?

To make text bold on an iPhone, hold down the “B” button while you enter the text you wish to be bold, and then release the button. To underline text, keep the “U” button depressed while you input the text you want underlined, and then release the button.

How does one highlight text on the iPhone version of WhatsApp?

When using WhatsApp for iPhone, you can underline text by pressing and holding the text you wish to underline until a choice appears. After that, select the “Underline” option from the menu.

How can you put a highlighter on text when using a keyboard?

You can underline text by using the keyboard by pressing the Control key and the U key simultaneously.

What are the steps to download Biu onto my iPhone?

There is not an application for iPhones called “Biu.”

How exactly does one underline text on an iPhone?

With an iPhone, you may underscore text by holding down the Shift key and then tapping the letter U.

Is there a way to highlight text in WhatsApp?

You are able to highlight individual words in WhatsApp. To accomplish this, simply move the cursor so that it is over the word you want to underline, then press and hold your finger on the word until it is highlighted in blue. The word will be underlined once you remove your finger off the screen.

How exactly does one highlight text on WhatsApp?

To underline text on WhatsApp, you must first choose the text you wish to underline, then select the “Underline” option from the context menu that appears.

What is the best way to color my text on WhatsApp?

When you want to color your text in WhatsApp, you need to first type out your message and then highlight the text that you want to color. Following that, choose a color from the color palette that has just appeared. The color you chose will be applied to your text at this point.

Which tag is being utilized to create the underline effect on the text?

Underscoring in the text is accomplished through the use of italics.

How do you put an asterisk next to a letter that requires a password?

While using a password, you can highlight a certain letter by pressing the underscore key (_) twice in a row before and after the letter in question.

How do you underline in messenger?

Messenger requires you to hold down the control key while you press the u key in order to underline text.

How can I emphasize a particular letter in an email address?

When holding down the Alt key, you can highlight a specific letter in an email address by pressing the number key that corresponds to that letter on your keyboard.

What is underline in password?

Messenger requires you to hold down the control key while you press the u key in order to underline text.

In a password, what does the _ character represent?

When a space needs to be represented in a password, an underscore is substituted for it. For instance, if your current password is “password,” you can choose to use “password_” as your password instead.