is size 7y the same as 7 mens?


  1. There is no definitive answer to this question as sizes can vary between brands.
  2. Nonetheless, a men’s size 7 is about similar to a size 7 in girls’ clothing.
Is 7Y the same as saying there are seven women?

The answer is no; 7Y is not synonymous with “7 womens.” The size 7Y corresponds to a men’s shoe that is a size 7, whereas a women’s size 7 corresponds to a men’s shoe that is a size 8.5-9.

What men’s size corresponds to a Grade School 7?

Grade school 7 in men’s is a size 9.

Is grade school size same as men’s?

Men’s sizes are not the same as those used in elementary school. Standard elementary school sizes are often smaller than men’s sizes.

Is there no difference between men’s and children’s shoe sizes?

There is no universally accepted size for men’s and children’s footwear. The age of the child and the brand of shoe both have a role in determining the size of a youth’s shoe. Many shoe manufacturers produce men’s footwear in a variety of styles, each of which has its own sizing system.

Are Jordans mens sizes?

Indeed, Jordans are men’s sizes. The sizes that they are available in range from 7 to 13, although some styles may be available in lesser or larger sizes. You can look at the sizing chart on the Jordan website in order to determine what size you should get if you are unsure.

What does 7Y represent in shoe size Nike?

In the sizing system used by Nike, a 7Y indicates that the shoes are intended for a youngster who is 7 years old.

What size is a men’s 7.5 in the youth department?

A size that is designated as a men’s 7.5 in youth is equivalent to a size that is designated as a youth size 8 in men’s sizing. It is recommended that young boys who fall somewhere in the middle of the average to larger range for their age choose this size.

In men’s sizing, what is equivalent to a juvenile size 8?

When it comes to men’s sizes, a youth size 8 is similar to a size small.

What shoe size would a youth wear that is 6’7″?

A young person who is 6 feet 7 inches tall would tower above around 98% of the general population.

When I was younger, what size did I wear?

When they are younger, the majority of people wear a size medium.

What does a size 7 look like in women’s?

A women’s size 8.5 would be equivalent to a men’s size 7 when converted to women’s sizing.

Is a women’s 9 the same as a men’s 7?

This topic does not have a clear solution because the sizing of different brands might be rather different from one another. But, in general, a mens 7 is equivalent to a womens 9.

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s size 7?

Since that there is no universally accepted standard for the sizing of men’s and women’s shoes across all brands, the answer truly depends on the particular brand and style. In most cases, however, a size 7 in women’s shoes is comparable to a size 6 in men’s shoes.

In children’s footwear, what does a size 7 look like?

Generally speaking, a size 7 in women’s shoes or a size 8.5 in men’s shoes is equivalent to a size 7 in children’s shoes.

What size is a women’s 7 in Mens Nike?

There is no way to convert between women’s and men’s shoe sizes due to the fact that the two dimensions are derived from two completely separate sizing systems. A women’s size 7 in Men’s Nike is similar to a men’s size 9.5 in that brand, but a women’s size 7 in a different brand would be a different size altogether. It is recommended that you try on shoes in person at a store so that you can get an accurate measurement of your size.