50 best new features in windows 8.1 must read?


Windows 8.1 is a significant update to Windows 8, and it adds a number of new features to the operating system. The following is a list of the fifty most notable new features introduced in Windows 8.1:

  1. The Start screen has been reimagined with an increase in the number of active tiles as well as an enhanced search function.
  2. Your personal identification number (PIN) or your fingerprint can now serve as the password for your computer.
  3. With AirDrop and Bluetooth, you may now exchange files and folders with other people.
Which aspects of Windows 8.1 need to have their settings adjusted?

Windows 8.1 is a fantastic operating system, but it does have some features that you might not find useful or that you might choose not to use. The following is a list of four functions that you can deactivate in order to preserve space and prolong the life of your battery:
The Start screen: If you don’t use the Start screen very often, you have the option to turn it off.
You have the option to turn off the Charms bar if you don’t find yourself using it very frequently.

How do I make Windows 8.1 seem better?

There are a few tweaks you may do to improve the overall appearance of Windows 8.1. To begin, check that the resolution of your display is set to its highest possible setting. Second, check that your machine has the most recent software updates installed. Next, make sure the background of your desktop is consistent with the overall theme of your desktop. Finally, to improve the overall appearance of your computer’s desktop, you should utilize applications such as Desktop Scapes.

Which version of Windows 8.1 is the most desirable, and why?

There are two versions of Windows 8.1 available: the Windows 8.1 Pro and the Windows 8.1 Enterprise editions. Those who require additional functionality and management over one computer should go with the Pro edition, while customers who need to manage numerous machines should go with the Enterprise edition. Both editions are available for purchase.

In 2021, will support for Windows 8.1 still be available?

Although while Windows 8.1 will still be maintained in 2021, the operating system will eventually be replaced by Windows 10.

What are some of the most exciting new additions to the Windows 8 operating system?

Windows 8 comes with a variety of exciting new features, some of which include the new Start screen, the new Metro interface, and the new applications store. Some of these new features are described here.

Is Windows 9 going to be released?

Windows 9 does not exist at this time. On February of 2019, Microsoft decided to no longer provide support for Windows 9.

Can I make Windows 8 seem like 7?

Using a theme designed for Windows 7 or installing a software with a Windows 7-like interface may, indeed, give the appearance that Windows 8 is running Windows 7.

Do widgets make an appearance in Windows 8?

In Windows 8, there are no widgets available.

What does Windows 11 look like?

Microsoft introduced its newest operating system, Windows 11, on July 29, 2015; it was named after the number 11. It is a significant update to the Windows operating system and contains features such as a revamped Start menu, a new voice assistant called Cortana, and many more.

Does Microsoft provide a Windows 8.1 Ultimate version?

There is no Ultimate edition of Windows 8.1 available. The standard version of Windows 8.1 is available in only one edition.

Which version of Windows, 8.1 or 10, is better?

Windows 10 is superior to earlier versions since it has numerous additional features and updates.

Which version of Windows 8.1 is ideal for playing video games?

Because it supports more powerful hardware and has more gaming capabilities than earlier versions of Windows, the most recent version of Windows, Windows 8.1, is the finest version of Windows for gaming.

Is Windows 8.1 a decent platform for playing video games?

The Windows 8.1 operating system is a fantastic one for gaming, but it may not contain all of the functionality that certain gamers may want. For instance, Windows 8.1 lacks a dedicated graphics processor, unlike some of the more recent gaming laptops, which do have such a CPU.

Is the support for Windows 8.1 coming to an end?

Windows 8.1 was made available to the public in October 2015, and it will continue to receive critical updates and maintenance until January 2020. Because Microsoft will not be releasing any more updates for Windows 8.1, it is strongly advised that users upgrade to a more recent version of the operating system, such as Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile.

Is Windows 12 going to be released?

Windows 10 will be the final version of the Windows operating system. A release of Windows 12 is not currently in the works.