Can I delete my Facebook data?


  1. Under the heading “Security and Login,” find the link labeled “Your Facebook Information,” and then click it. Next, find the link labeled “Delete Your Account and Information.”
  2. When you are there, look for the option to Deactivate Account on the menu.
  3. This will give you the option to either delete your account, keep your Messenger access, or download your information.
What will happen if I clear my data on Facebook?

If you remove all the information from your Facebook account, it will also delete any information you have shared with other people. This includes pictures, messages, postings, information from your timeline, and contact information. There are further choices available for deleting certain posts or messages, which you can use if you wish to preserve your account but just get rid of some of the stuff that is on it.

Is it possible to remove information from Facebook for good?

No, it is not possible to delete data from Facebook in an irreversible manner. Even if you choose to make your profile inaccessible to other users of the site, Facebook will still be able to see anything you’ve ever shared on the platform, including any photos or videos.

Do you think it’s safe to clear the data?

If you wish to sell your phone, you should delete all of the information stored on it first. It is also helpful if you plan on giving away your phone at some point. There are apps that will enable you to keep your phone while clearing the data on it. You may find these apps in the app store.

If I deactivate the Facebook app, what information will be lost?

If you remove the Facebook app, you will lose access to all of the posts that you have made and the messages that you have sent through Messenger. In addition to this, all events that were planned on Facebook will be deleted.

What exactly will Clear data accomplish?

The app Clear allows you to exercise complete command over all of your mobile data. Clear removes adverts that aren’t relevant to you and gives you control over how much data you want to use. You are also able to set reminders for yourself to stop using mobile data at the appropriate times.

How can I remove anything from my Facebook profile without having to terminate my account?

It is possible to download a copy of your information from the settings of your Facebook account and then remove it from your computer.

How long does Facebook hold deleted data?

Facebook preserves data for up to 90 days after deletion. Moreover, the corporation may maintain copies of data from earlier versions of the service. These backups may contain data that a user has previously removed from the service.

How exactly does one go about erasing previously saved data on Facebook?

You can remove the information that Facebook has saved on you in a number of different ways. You can delete any items that you do not want by going to the Activity Log and clicking the “Delete” button that is located next to the item in question. You also have the option of going to Settings, selecting General from the drop-down menu, and then selecting “Clear History” from the “Your Activity” section.

Is it possible to clear the data from apps?

The answer is yes; you can delete data from apps. It is important that you understand that cleaning data will result in the loss of all of your information as well as any progress you have made in the app. This includes any games that you have saved, high scores, and any other information that you have kept in the program.

Would wiping data on messenger destroy messages?

Clearing data on Messenger will not remove messages. The only way to remove messages from a conversation or an individual message is to delete the entire conversation.

What is the distinction between clearing the cache and clearing the data?

When you delete or uninstall applications from your phone, you are clearing data. When you clean cache, you are deleting any temporary files that may be stored on your mobile device.