Does deleting your discord delete your messages?


  1. No, deactivating your Discord does not remove your messages.
  2. Your conversations are saved on the servers that run Discord, where they are always available for you to read.
How do I erase outdated messages?

Open the Messages app on your iPhone, and then swipe left on the discussion that you want to delete to get rid of any old messages that could be on there. To remove something, first tap “Delete,” then tap “Delete Conversation” to confirm.

Can you permanently remove text messages?

Yes, it is possible to delete text messages from your iPhone in a way that is irreversible. To accomplish this, launch the Messages app on your device and then choose the thread of communication that you wish to remove by tapping on it. After that, select the “Details” icon located in the upper right corner of the screen, and then scroll down until you find the option to “Delete Messages.” To remove the messages, tap on it and then confirm that you wish to delete them.

What is the best way to remove all of my text messages at once?

This topic does not have a straightforward solution because the process for erasing all text messages differs according to the type of device you use and the operating system that you have installed. You could, however, try some of the following methods:
For Android devices:
Launch the Messaging application.
To access the menu, tap the three dots that are located in the upper right corner of the screen.
Choose to Delete All Messages from the menu.
Tap the Erase button one more to confirm.

How exactly does one go about deleting iMessages on both ends?

Launch the Messages app on your device and locate the conversation that contains the message you wish to delete. From there, you may delete the message.
Slide the message to the left, then hit the Delete button.
Repeat tapping the Erase button to confirm.
On the opposite side, you can remove an iMessage by opening the Messages app, locating the conversation that contains the message you wish to delete, and tapping on it.
You’ll need to tap and hold the message in order to bring up the menu.

What is the best way to organize my old SMS messages?

There are a few different approaches you can take to organize your text messages. Delete them from your phone is one possible solution. One further option is to remove them from your computer entirely.

What steps do I need to take to erase messages from my phone?

Start by opening the messaging app on your phone and then selecting the thread of the discussion whose messages you want to erase. Hold the message you wish to delete in your inbox while you hit the Delete button.

Is it possible for the other person to view a communication that I have deleted?

The answer to this question is going to change depending on the kind of phone that you have. If you are using an iPhone, even if you erase a text and the other person looks at your phone, they will still be able to read it even if you removed it. If you erase a text message on an Android phone, the other person won’t be able to know that you’ve done so because they don’t have access to your phone.

Why am I unable to erase my old text messages?

Not on your phone, but on the servers of your wireless carrier are your text messages stored. Because of this, you won’t be able to delete them until you also remove them from the server.

Is it possible for the recipient of a deleted text message to still view it on their device?

When a text message is deleted, the recipient of the message will no longer be able to view it.

What are the steps to erase a conversation from an iPhone?

Launch the Messages app on your iPhone, identify the discussion you wish to erase, then tap the Delete button at the bottom of the screen. To delete the communication, swipe left on it and then hit the Delete button.

What do I need to do to erase this?

If you are working on a computer, you can erase files by pressing the delete key on your keyboard. This is the standard method. You can erase files from a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, by first pushing and holding on the file until it begins to wiggle, and then touching the delete button that appears when it does so.

Does erasing a message in iMessage erase for everyone?

Indeed, deleting a message through iMessage deletes it for everyone.

How do I erase an iMessage so that the recipient can no longer view it?

There is no one method that can be used to permanently delete an iMessage such that the recipient of the message cannot view it. Delete the chat from your phone, and then make sure that the other person does not have access to your iCloud account. This would be one method to handle the situation. You might also make an effort to delete the message from the other person’s phone, however this would be a more challenging option.

What is the most expedient method for erasing messages from an iPhone?

On an iPhone, you can delete texts in two different ways: you may either pick the message and then press the delete button, or you can swipe left on the message and then tap the “Delete” button.

What are the steps I need to take to delete a text message without first opening it?

There is no one method that can be considered universally correct for doing this task because it is contingent on the model of mobile device you are utilizing as well as the operating system that is powering it. But, here are some common tips:
You can delete a message on an iPhone running iOS 10 or an earlier version by swiping left on it and then tapping the “Delete” button.
You can tap and hold the message on iPhones running iOS 11 or later until a “Delete” button appears. This feature is only available on iPhones.