how do i change my amazon account to a student account?


  1. To convert your existing Amazon account into a student account, you will have to go to the Amazon Student website and follow the instructions that are provided on that page.
How can I switch my Amazon Prime membership over to the student plan?

Visit and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen to convert your existing Amazon Prime account into a student account.

I already have an Amazon account; is it possible to convert it to a student account?

Yes, you are able to convert your current Amazon account to a student account. However, it is important to keep in mind that some of the aforementioned features and benefits might not be accessible to students.

Are you able to revert to your premier student status?

I am really sorry to say that I can no longer call myself a Top Student.

How do I switch my Amazon email account to the student account?

Visit the settings page of your Amazon account and select “email addresses” to make the necessary changes to your Amazon email address. In the “addresses” section, enter [email protected] into the search bar, and then click the “add” button.

What are the key differences between the normal Prime membership and the Prime Student membership?

The Prime Student membership comes with a number of perks, including free two-day shipping on orders that are more than , access to Prime Video, and a 5% discount on everything else.

What is the student discount for Amazon Prime and how much is it?

Students who can provide valid student identification can qualify for student discounts on Amazon Prime memberships. The current rate for the student discount is fifty percent.

How can I get Amazon Prime Student if I am not currently enrolled in a school?

By associating your account with the email address of your college or university, you can qualify for the Prime Student discount. If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you are eligible to enroll in the Amazon Student Program. Students are eligible for special pricing on Amazon Prime memberships and other Amazon goods through this program.

Is it accurate that college students do not have to pay for Amazon Prime?

Students working toward a degree at an accredited college or university in the United States are eligible for a free membership to Amazon Prime.

Can you get Amazon Prime Student twice?

You may absolutely sign up for Amazon Prime Student more than once.

Is there a cost associated with using Amazon Mom if one has Prime?

It is true that Prime members do not pay more for Amazon Mom.

Who can sign up for the student version of Amazon Prime?

Students in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, or Brazil can sign up for Amazon Student Prime if they are at least 18 years old and live in one of those countries.

Can high school students get Amazon Prime Student?

Absolutely, high school students can get Amazon Prime Student. Students are required to be at least 13 years old and to possess a student ID card that is in good standing.

How can I update the email address associated with my Amazon account?

Visit the “My Account” page on first in order to update the email address associated with your Amazon account. Choose “Email Address” from the menu that appears under “Your Account.” On the following page, provide your new email address, then click the “Next” button “Update.

How do I authenticate that I am a student using my Amazon account?

You can use the Amazon Student Verify tool to verify that you are a student and have an Amazon account. This program will ask you for both your student ID and password before it will let you proceed. Once your account has been verified, you will have access to your student account information, which will include details about any student loans or scholarships you have been awarded.

How long does a student membership to Amazon Prime last?

Students who pay an annual tuition of ,000 or less are eligible to sign up for Amazon Prime Student as of the 1st of July, 2018.