How do I find my child’s scrapbook on Facebook?


  1. Go to your user profile. the Pictures tab can be found below your cover photo.
  2. Choose an album by clicking it. Choose the scrapbook that your kid has been keeping.
Why am I unable to view the scrapbook that my child has created on Facebook?

It’s possible that your Facebook account is set to private because you don’t want other people to see the scrapbook you’ve created.

How can I get into the scrapbook that my children have created on Facebook?

You will need to navigate to the Facebook Settings tab and select the “Who may see my stuff?” option in order to access the Facebook scrapbook that your children have created. After that, you’ll have the ability to customize the settings that are accessible to your children.

Where can I find the digital scrapbook on my Facebook account?

You are able to build a private album on Facebook known as the scrapbook, which you can then share with your friends. Your memories can be made more unique by uploading images and videos, as well as customizing them with captions and stickers.

Are the scrapbooks that you keep on Facebook private?

Scrapbooks are considered private in the sense that they are not viewable by the general public on Facebook; nevertheless, individuals who do not have access to your Facebook account are unable to see the contents of your scrapbooks.

With Facebook, is it still possible to create a scrapbook?

You can still create a scrapbook on Facebook, that much is true. You can make a scrapbook using the picture editing tools after uploading the photos to your account and giving them the appropriate effects.

How can I reveal an album that I’ve hidden on Facebook?

On Facebook, you can unhide an album by going to the album’s page and clicking on the three dots that are located in the top right corner of the page. Choose from that point onward “See Album.

Where can I find my albums on Facebook?

Your Facebook albums are hidden from the public and are only viewable by you. Simply navigate to your profile and click on to see them “Photos.