How many DeviantART accounts can you have?


There is no cap on the amount of accounts that a single person can have on DeviantART.

I was wondering if you were able to create a second account on DeviantArt.

You can, in fact, create multiple accounts on DeviantArt if you so like. On the other hand, you are not permitted to use the same login or email address for both accounts.

Does DeviantArt erase inactive accounts?

It is true that inactive accounts on DeviantArt are erased, although there is a grace period of six months before an account is removed from the site.

Is creating an account on DeviantArt a risky endeavor?

Creating an account on DeviantArt is perfectly safe to do. On the website known as DeviantArt, artists can post their work for other users to view and comment on. Using this website is risk-free and loads of fun.

How many people currently utilize the DeviantArt platform?

As of January 2017, there are more than 38 million people registered to use DeviantArt.

Is DeviantArt still relevant 2022?

Although there is no way to know for certain, it is highly likely that DeviantArt will still be operational in the year 2022. Since its inception in the year 2000, this website has developed a dedicated following comprised of artists as well as art fans. DeviantArt is still a significant resource for artists and art fans, despite the fact that other platforms may have overtaken it in terms of popularity.

Will the website known as DeviantArt be taken down?

There are no plans to close down DeviantArt at this time. It is a well-known website that has a substantial number of users, and there is no indication that it will be discontinued in the near future.

What gives DeviantArt its awful reputation?

Cringe can be found on DeviantArt due to the fact that it is a website where individuals can publish their artwork and receive comments. This indicates that the site contains a number of items that are poorly executed, and the section for comments is full of people providing harsh criticism of the work that is displayed there.

Is DeviantArt legal?

Indeed, using DeviantArt is perfectly legal. Anyone are able to upload and share their own photographs and works of art on this user-generated content website.

Is creating an account on DeviantArt free of charge?

Absolutely, a free account may be created on DeviantArt. You can set up an account by going to the website and selecting the “Create an Account” button from the menu that appears there.

How can I use the same email address for two different accounts on DeviantArt?

You can’t. Users are only permitted one account on DeviantArt if they use the same email address throughout all of their profiles.

What is the minimum age requirement to sign up for DeviantArt?

There is no minimum or maximum age restriction to sign up for a account on DeviantArt.

In DeviantArt, do you have the option to alter your email address?

On DeviantArt, you are able to make changes to your email address. To achieve this, navigate to the “Settings” page and select the “Email” tab from the drop-down menu. After entering your new email address, make sure you click the option that says “Update Email.”

How do I get rid of my account on DeviantArt?

To remove your account on DeviantArt, navigate to the “Settings” page and scroll down until you reach the section labeled “Delete Account.” Simply follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the “Delete Account” option.

What is the proper format for writing a bio on DeviantArt?

You will be required to supply some fundamental information about yourself in order to write a bio on DeviantArt. This information includes your name, age, and location. You might also talk about some of your favorite activities or the artists who have influenced your artistic style. Be sure to highlight any honors you’ve received or exhibitions you’ve been a part of, and if you have a profile on DeviantArt, give a link to it.