how much is saints row 4 for xbox 360?


The price of the Xbox 360 version of the game Saints Row 4 is .99.

How much will it cost to play Saints Row?

There is not yet a defined price for Saints Row, however it is anticipated that it will be at around .

How many gigabytes does the Saints Row 4 Xbox 360 game take up?

It takes up 5.8 gigabytes to play.

Is Saints Row 5 going to be released?

Even while there has been no official word on Saints Row 5, this does not indicate that the game is not currently in the works. It would be irresponsible on the part of THQ Nordic, the firm that now possesses the rights to the Saints Row series, to fail to make use of the franchise’s widespread appeal.

Does the Xbox Game Pass include Saints Row 4?

The answer is yes, Saints Row 4 can be played using Xbox Game Pass.

When did Saints Row 5 become available for purchase?

On August 23, 2018, Saints Row 5 was made available to the public.

Is Saints Row included in the free trial of Game Pass?

Yes, Saints Row can be played free of charge with Game Pass.

Is Saints Row 2022 a new beginning for the series?

No, Saints Row 2022 is not a reimagining of the original game. The narrative of Saints Row continues with this installment.

Is Saints Row available for the PS2?

The answer is yes, Saints Row can be played on a Playstation 2. It was initially made available to the public in the year 2006, and it has since been reissued as a Best Hits title. The game is a sandbox action adventure that gives players the opportunity to explore the vast globe of Stilwater while also completing objectives to advance the narrative.

Which city served as the inspiration for Saints Row?

The video game franchise Saints Row is centered on the fictitious American city of Stilwater, which is located in the United States.

Is Saint Row 4 a free-roaming game?

The answer is yes, Saint Row 4 features an open universe. The city of Steelport is open for players to explore, and they can choose how quickly or slowly to complete quests.

Is Saints Row 4 available to play online?

No, you cannot play Saints Row 4 via the internet. This is a game for a single player only.

What kind of size is Saints Row 4?

The size of Saints Row 4 is about comparable to that of Saints Row 3. Although there are a few extra regions to discover, the overall size of the game has not considerably increased.

When does the action of Saints Row 4 take place?

The year 2013 serves as the backdrop for the game.

Is the latest iteration of Saints Row a remake?

It’s not a remake, that’s for sure. It’s a sequel.

Will the newest Saints Row game be available for the Xbox One console?

Although though it has not been officially announced just yet, it is quite likely that the new Saints Row game will be available for purchase on Xbox One. The game is still being developed, and its release is anticipated for the year 2019 at this point.