how to delete dead trigger 2 account?


  1. Begin by starting the game and signing in.
  2. To access your account, go to the top of the main menu and select the “Account” tab.
  3. Click the “Delete Account” button that is located in the “Account Information” section.
  4. Enter the password for your account, and then click the “Delete Account” button a second time for confirmation.
What is the highest level that can be achieved in Dead Trigger 2?

Due to the fact that Dead Trigger 2 has a level cap of 100, there is no clear answer to the question of what the highest possible level is in the game. On the other hand, judging from comments left by players and information gleaned from the servers of the game, it appears that the maximum level may be somewhere near 50.

Where can I find the final objective for Dead Trigger 2?

The zombie apocalypse must be stopped as the game’s final objective in Dead Trigger 2.

Is it possible to play Dead Trigger 2 on a personal computer?

The PC version of Dead Trigger 2 is currently unavailable.

What is the most efficient method for acquiring blueprints in Dead Trigger 2?

The zombie apocalypse must be stopped as the game’s final objective in Dead Trigger 2.

Can we play Dead Trigger 2 without an internet connection?

You can, in fact, play Dead Trigger 2 without an internet connection. Having said that, there are certain limitations. You will not be able to save your progress or discuss the game with other players.

Does Dead Trigger have an ending?

Due to the fact that it is still in the process of being developed, there is no answer that can be considered definite to this issue. On the other hand, we are able to confirm that there will be a conclusion to the game and that it will be gratifying.

How many levels does Dead Trigger 2 have?

Dead Trigger 2 has 5 levels.

Does Dead Trigger 2 include multiplayer?

Dead Trigger 2 does not include multiplayer.

How do you obtain gold in Dead Trigger 2?

In Dead Trigger 2, you can acquire gold in a few different methods. One option is to look for gold coins and then exchange them for money at a financial institution. Discovering golden weapons and putting them to use to improve your character is still another option.

What really happened in the case of dead target?

The plot of Dead Target centers on a young lady who, after learning that she has a fatal disease, makes the decision to exact final retribution on an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her.

Is Unkilled a game played offline?

Actually, Unkilled is a game that you play online.

In order to redeem dead target, what is the redemption code?

REDEEM is the redemption code that can be used for deceased Target.

Can you tell me which version of Dead target is the most recent?

2.0 is the most recent iteration of the Dead target game.

Which weapon in Dead Trigger is considered to be the best?

In Dead Trigger, there is no single weapon that can be considered the “best.” Because each firearm possesses a distinct set of benefits and drawbacks, selecting a weapon is ultimately dependent on the characteristics that are most important to the buyer. If you are searching for a firearm that is effective in a variety of situations, the AK-47 is probably your best option. Because it is both powerful and adaptable, it is an excellent option for virtually every circumstance.