how to get an inactive instagram username?


  1. There is no foolproof method for getting an Instagram username that has been deactivated, but there are a few things you can do to boost your chances of success.
  2. You should begin by conducting a search for the username on Instagram to see whether or not it has already been taken.
  3. If this is the case, you should get in touch with the person who owns the account and inquire as to whether or not they would be ready to sell you the username.
  4. You can try contacting the owner of the account and asking them if they would be prepared to give you the username if the username is not currently being used.
Is it possible to claim a name for a dormant Instagram account?

You are free to claim an defunct Instagram account name as long as it is not being used by another user. Just following the steps outlined on this page ( will get the job done.

How can I get a username that is not currently being used?

You are able to request that your username be made inactive on certain websites, such as Quora. To accomplish this, navigate to the help area of the website and perform a search for “inactive usernames.” Next you will need to follow the given instructions to request the username.

How can I get an already taken name on Instagram?

There is no failsafe method for acquiring a username that is not already in use on Instagram; nevertheless, there are a few things you may do to boost your chances of success. To begin, look for the name on Instagram to determine whether or not it is currently taken. If it doesn’t work, try different variants of the name or keywords that are connected to it. You might also check other social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, to determine if the name is already in use on other websites.

What steps do I need to take to have an old Instagram account deleted?

You can get in touch with Instagram directly and make a request to have an inactive Instagram account deleted by sending in your request. Instagram will comply with your request. Unfortunately, there is no assurance that Instagram would abide with your request because they do not promise it.

How can I obtain a username that will not be active on Instagram until 2022?

There is no way. Inactive usernames are not up for grabs and cannot be used.

Should I register a trademark for my name on social media?

There is no response that is applicable in every circumstance to this issue because the choice of whether or not to register a trademark for your social media name is determined by a number of criteria that are unique to your circumstances. However, as a general rule, registering your social media name as a trademark is a good idea because it can assist in the protection of your brand and ensure that no one else can use your name to build a social media account that is in direct competition with yours.

Do I have full control over my Instagram username?

Your Instagram username is 100% under your control. But, Instagram reserves the right to delete or suspend your account at any moment and without prior warning.

Can you patent Instagram name?

Yep, you can patent an Instagram name. You are able to register a trademark for a term or phrase that is connected to your brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). So, it is in your best interest to submit a trademark application if the name of your Instagram account is truly distinctive.

Why is Instagram going to stop operating?

There are a few potential explanations for why Instagram will soon be discontinued. It’s possible that the app isn’t producing enough money, which is one of the reasons. Another possibility is that Facebook, the company that controls Instagram, is working toward the goal of unifying all of its applications onto a single platform.

What is the rationale behind Instagram’s decision to deactivate accounts in 2022?

There are several possible explanations for why Instagram accounts can be deactivated in the year 2022. One possible explanation is if the account was first created using fictitious information. It’s possible that the account was used to post inappropriate content, such pornography or violent videos, which is another possible explanation. Last but not least, it’s possible that the account was used to send unsolicited commercial messages to other users or to promote a company without permission.

How many complaints must be filed before an Instagram account may be deleted?

A minimum of two reports are required in order to deactivate an Instagram account.

What will you do if someone else has already claimed your brand name on Instagram?

If the Instagram account that you want to utilize for your business is already in use by another user, you have the option of claiming the account for yourself or asking the other user to change their username. You have the option of filing a trademark infringement case in the event that the user does not react or refuses to hand over the username.

What should you do if the Instagram handle you want is already taken?

If you discover that another user has already claimed the Instagram username that you want to use, you have a few options available to you. You have the option of attempting to negotiate with the user who is currently utilizing the name to find out whether they are prepared to give it up. In the event that this does not work, you have the option of submitting a request to Instagram in order to have the username changed to reflect your account.

Is it possible to purchase the Instagram handle of another user?

You may buy the Instagram handle of another user, but it’s not as simple as just handing over some cash for it. You will first need to ask the person who currently owns the account for permission to use the username, and then you will need to update the name associated with your account so that it matches.

After 14 days, is it possible to alter my name on Instagram?

After 14 days, you will have the option to alter your name on Instagram. Launch the application, and then navigate to the profile section of the menu. Choose “Settings” by tapping the three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of your screen. Scroll all the way down and click the “Name” button. After changing your name, make sure to hit the “Enter” button.