how to save photos from messenger android?


  1. Launch the Messenger app on your Android device, navigate to the gallery, and select the image you wish to save.
  2. To save the shot, tap and hold it for a moment before selecting Save Image from the menu that appears.
How exactly does one go about saving photographs from the Android Gallery?

Launch the Gallery app on your Android device before you attempt to save a picture to the Gallery. After that, look for the image you wish to keep and perform a long press on it. There will be a selection of choices shown to you in a menu. When you select “Save image,” the picture will be stored to the storage space available on your smartphone.

How can I save pictures from my Android?

There are a few different options available to you for storing images on your Android device. One option is to link your Android device to your personal computer and then transfer the photos from your phone to the personal computer. Sending the images to yourself via email is still another option.

Where are the photographs from the gallery saved when using Android?

On Android, pictures taken in the Gallery are saved in the folder labeled /storage/emulated/0/Pictures.

What are the steps to uploading photographs to the gallery?

Moving photographs to your gallery can be done in a few different ways. Connecting your phone to your computer and transferring the images from the storage on your phone to your computer using a dragging and dropping motion is one option. You can also send the images to yourself in an email and then open the email on your phone. This is still another option. Your photo gallery will be updated with the new additions automatically.

Why aren’t my photographs showing up in the gallery that I created?

There are a few reasons that your images could not be showing up in your gallery. These causes could be any one of the following: There is a chance that you hid them on purpose, but it’s also possible that you did so by accident. To check this, navigate to your photo gallery and make sure the “Hidden” toggle is turned off when you get there.
There is also the potential that you removed the images from your phone’s storage, or that an upgrade to the device’s software could have caused them to become inaccessible. In the event that this is the situation, you can attempt resetting your phone to an earlier backup if you have one.

What are the steps I need to take to upload photos from Messenger to Facebook?

Transferring pictures from Messenger to Facebook can be done in a few different ways.
The photo can then be shared by opening it in Messenger and selecting the “Share” button from the menu that appears. You will then be able to choose “Facebook” as the destination from that point on.
Launch Facebook and navigate to the image you want to share in order to share it with others. To send the message to Messenger, pick it as the destination after clicking the “Share” button.

Why am I unable to download photos from Messenger?

There are a number potential causes for your inability to store photos downloaded from Messenger on your computer. There is a chance that the individual who sent you the photo has blocked access to their account, making it impossible for other people to download the photos stored there. It’s also possible that the photo was transmitted across as a “file” rather than an image, in which case it can’t be stored in its current form.

What are the steps to downloading files using Messenger?

It is not possible to download files directly from Messenger; nevertheless, there are a few ways around this limitation. Taking a screenshot of the file and then saving it to your computer is one workaround that you can try. Use of a third-party website or application that is capable of downloading files from Messenger is yet another workaround option.

Is it possible for me to send images from Messenger to my email address?

It is possible to use Messenger to send pictures to your email. To share a photo using Messenger, open the photo you wish to send and then tap the Share button. After that, choose Email, and then input the email address of the receiver.

How can I move photos from my communications folder into my photo album?

You have the option of either saving the photo to the photo gallery on your phone or sharing it with another app if you want to transfer photos from texts to photos.
To save the photo to the photo gallery on your phone, open the message, tap and hold on the photo, and then release the tap. After that, click the “Save Picture” button.
Simply open the message and tap on the photo to begin the process of sharing the photo with another application. After that, choose “Share.

Where are the images that are taken using Messenger saved on the PC?

Photos sent through Messenger are stored on the computer in a folder titled “Messenger.

Where are the photographs from my gallery?

Photos from the gallery can be found in a separate album simply titled “Gallery.” Launch the Pictures app and select Albums from the menu to view the photos in your gallery. Next, select the Gallery option.

How do I save the photographs that are attached to the messages?

With an iPhone, you can save photographs from texts by opening the message, tapping and holding on the picture, and then releasing it. When the menu appears, select “Save Picture” from the available options. Your photo album will be updated with the image after it has been saved.

Where are the photographs that I have saved?

Photographs that you have downloaded to your smartphone will typically be kept in the Pictures app, which may typically be found in the Utilities folder on most mobile operating systems. If you are having trouble locating it and are using Spotlight, you can try looking for “Photos” to see if that helps.

What are the steps to storing photos on a laptop?

With a laptop, you can store images using a few different methods. Putting them away on the tough drive of the computer is one option. Another option is to store them on a USB drive for later use.