How to stop vlc from opening multiple windows in windows 11 10?


  1. “Task View” is the name of a brand-new feature that was introduced in Windows 10.
  2. The Task View can be accessed by going to the Start Menu, typing “task view,” and then pressing the enter key.
  3. You will be able to see all of the windows that are currently active on your computer when you switch to Task View.
  4. You can exit a window by first selecting the window you wish to exit, and then clicking the “X” in the top left corner of the window.
What’s the deal with the two windows that the VLC player opens?

There are a number distinct scenarios that could lead to VLC launching two windows on your own computer. There is a chance that you double-clicked the VLC icon while it was already operating in the background, causing it to launch in two separate windows. This is one possible explanation for the behavior. There is also the potential that you installed VLC on a computer with a dual-core or multicore processor, and the program began up in two windows so that it could make use of the additional processing capacity.

What is the purpose of the VLC player opening two windows?

Because the reason VLC opens two windows might change depending on your computer’s operating system and setup settings, there is no response that is appropriate for everyone to this subject. If you have more than one video file open in different tabs or windows, if you are using a mousewheel to scroll through your video files, or if you have multiple monitors connected to your computer are all potential reasons why VLC might open two windows.

What are the steps I need to take to make VLC the default player in Windows 11?

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no because the default player for VLC will be different for each user depending on their choice of operating system and personal preferences. Nevertheless, the following are some suggestions that can help you make VLC your default player in Windows 11:
Launch “Control Panel” (or “Windows Settings” on older versions of Windows) and navigate to the “Sound & Audio” area to make adjustments to your computer’s audio settings.

How do I change VLC default settings?

Launch the VLC media player, then select the “Preferences” menu item from the drop-down list after opening the player’s main menu. On the new window that appears labeled “Preferences,” select the “Video” tab to make changes. On the tab labeled “Video,” you will find a number of settings that are alterable by you. The following are some of the most significant choices available to you:
Default video codec: You have the ability to select the video codec that VLC should use when opening a file by using this option.

Why does VLC not work on Windows 11?

Because it uses a different file format than Windows 10, VLC is not compatible with Windows 11, which is why Windows 11 cannot run it.

What should I do to fix VLC?

VLC can be fixed in a few different ways, including:
Keep your software up to date: You may get the latest version of VLC either from its official website or via the software updater built into your operating system.
Delete all of your saved cookies and cache: It’s possible that this will help fix some of VLC’s problems.
Reset VLC: This will reset the settings of VLC to their default values, which may help alleviate some of the problems you are experiencing.

How do I change my default video player?

The answer to this question is not universally applicable because the video player that is pre-installed on your computer can change depending on the operating system you use and the settings you prefer. On the other hand, some frequent techniques include the following for changing your default video player:
utilizing the settings menu of the Windows Media Player.
Having access to the settings for your streaming service or app.
You can change how videos are played in your browser by going to the “Video” tab in Chrome or Firefox.
4. How can I make a different video player the system default in Windows 10?

Open the Start Menu on your Windows 10 device, and then type “Settings” into the search bar that appears. This will allow you to change the default video player. When the Settings app comes up, select “System” from the menu. Under the heading “Display,” on the “System” page, click on the “Video” link. Click the button that says “Select your default video player” that is located under the heading “Default Video Player.”

How do I display the menu bar in the VLC media player?

You have the option of using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M to display the menu bar in VLC, or you may navigate to Menu->Preferences->Appearance and choose the “Show menu bar” checkbox there. Either way, the menu bar will be displayed.

How can I make changes to the settings in Windows Media Player?

To make changes to the settings of Windows Media Player:
Start Windows Media Player on your computer.
Choose the File tab to continue.
Click the Options button.
Click the General button in the Playback menu.
Choose a format from the drop-down menu located under Format, then press the OK button.
Make any more adjustments that you would like under the heading Advanced, and then click the OK button.

How can I change Windows Media Player from the default player on my computer?

It is possible to change the default player for audio and video files from Windows Media Player using one of several different methods. You have the option in Windows 10, 8.1, or 8 to modify the default setting, or you can use the Media Settings dialog box in Windows Media Player to customize the program so that it will not play specific types of files.

Which media player is included with the Windows 10 operating system?

The Microsoft Windows Media Player is the pre-installed media player for Windows 10, and it is also available for download separately.