how to tag multiple photos on instagram after posting?


After submitting an image to Instagram, you can tag several photographs by following these steps:

  1. To tag a specific photo, tap that photo.
  2. To add new contacts, tap the People icon.
  3. Simply enter the names of the individuals you would want to tag.
  4. Tap Done.

Yoast FAQ

On my Instagram story, can I tag more than 10 people at a time?

With Instagram stories, you can tag a maximum of ten people at a time. To mention someone, simply start entering their name after the @ symbol that is used to tag them.

On Instagram, are the people you tag visible to other users?

Absolutely, other Instagram users who follow you will be able to view the tagged users you’ve included in your posts and photos. When you tag someone in a post, their profile picture will appear underneath your post, and anyone who clicks on their picture will be able to see all of the posts in which you and that person have been tagged together.

How exactly does one go about editing tags on Instagram?

Fixing tags on Instagram can be done in a few different ways. The first thing you should do is remove the tag and then re-add it. The second method involves entering the tag into the search field and then selecting the appropriate account from the results. The third option is to select “edit” from the menu that appears when you click on the three dots that are located next to the tag.

Why is it that I can’t tag someone after I’ve posted something on Instagram?

When you add a location to an Instagram post, you unlock the ability to tag other users in that post.

When publishing an Instagram story, is it possible to tag a specific person?

You can include tags and mentions of other users in your Instagram stories. Simply write “@” followed by the person’s username to accomplish this. They will receive a notification informing them of the tag as well as the ability to view your narrative.

Which, the comments or the caption, is the preferable place to put hashtags?

To this issue, there is no answer that is definitively correct or incorrect; rather, the answer depends entirely on what you and your brand find to be most successful. Others choose to put hashtags in the captions of their photos so that they can be read more quickly, while others prefer to put them in the comments section so that they are not as obvious to readers. Test out both approaches and discover which one yields the better results for you.

What happens if hashtags are added at a later time?

When you edit a post that has already been published and add hashtags to it, those new hashtags will be added on top of the ones that are already there.

Can I edit older postings to include hashtags?

You can, in fact, insert hashtags onto older entries. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that the more hashtags you use, the less of an impact any individual hashtag will have. It is recommended that no more than three hashtags be used in each post.

How can I add tags to the images that I’ve taken?

There are a number different approaches to tagging photographs. When you submit a photo, using the “tags” box is the method that is most commonly used. You also have the option to add tags to photographs by utilizing the “edit” menu that is located on the photo page.

How can I tag numerous photos at once using my iPhone?

There are a number different approaches to tagging photographs. When uploading a photo, the “tags” field is the method that is utilized the vast majority of the time. You also have the option to add tags to photographs by utilizing the “edit” menu that is located on the photo page.

How do I mention a specific person in a post that I have previously published?

Simply write “@” followed by the person’s name after you’ve already uploaded a photo or updated your status to add someone as a tag after you’ve already done so. Facebook will make suggestions for people to tag based on the people you already have in your friends list. After you have typed in the person’s name, you may press the Enter key to bring up the person’s profile image in the post.

After submitting photographs to Instagram, is it possible to rearrange them in a different order?

After sharing photos to Instagram, you are able to rearrange them in whatever sequence you choose. Open the photo you wish to move, then while holding down your finger on it, move it around the screen. Following a brief pause, a menu with the option to “reorder” will display on the screen. Choose that, and then use your mouse to move the photo into the location you want it to be in by dragging and dropping it.