Teams Live Events: Disable Anonymous Questions?


Yeah, teams live events disable anonymous questions.

Are the questions asked during the Teams live event really anonymous?

The majority of the questions on the page for the Teams live event are, in fact, anonymous.

How can the Question and Answer portion of a Teams live event be disabled?

Use these procedures in order to switch off the question-and-answer portion of a live event hosted by Teams:
Launch the page for the Live Event.
Choose “Questions” from the list that appears to the left of the word “Settings” on this page.
You can disable the Q&A feature for a certain option by selecting it under the “Questions” heading.

How can I activate the Question and Answer portion of the Teams live event?

To enable question and answer sessions during a Teams live event, navigate to the Settings page and click the Q&A tab. Choose “Q&A” from the drop-down menu labeled “Enabled features.

Why are the answers to my questions confidential on the Microsoft teams?

Because they are intended for team discussion, questions posted to Microsoft teams are hidden from public view. Questions are not intended to be made available to the general public since it is possible that they might be used to identify individuals of the team or concepts.

Is it possible to tell someone is anonymous in Teams?

There is no way for anyone to tell who is using anonymous in Teams. On the other hand, there are ways to discover the identity of an anonymous user.

In Teams, is it possible to have anonymous conversations?

Sure, you are able to maintain your anonymity while chatting on Teams.

Are presenters able to view live questions and answers from teams?

Absolutely, presenters will be able to view live Q&A in Teams.

Does Teams have a question and answer section?

There is a question and answer section in Teams.

What exactly is meant by “moderated Q&A”?

The questions and responses in a forum known as a moderated question-and-answer session are reviewed by a moderator before being made public. In contrast to this, an unmoderated Q&A allows anyone to post whatever they like, regardless of relevance or appropriateness.

Is it possible that your supervisor could read your messages on Teams?

If you don’t want your supervisor to view the messages you send through Teams, they can’t. The conversations that take place in your Teams are analogous to those that take place between you and your close friends. Instead of talking to your boss face-to-face, you should consider sending them a message regarding the topic at hand. This way, they will be able to see what you are discussing.

Are managers privy to the messages sent within Teams?

Messages sent within Teams are visible to supervisors.

What are some ways that I can detect whether my boss is monitoring what I do on my computer?

There is no foolproof method for knowing for certain, but there are certain symptoms that your boss may be spying on your computer, including the following: -Your supervisor routinely looks at the screen of your computer without asking for or receiving permission.
– An unwarranted request from your supervisor to see your personal files or email account.
– The inexplicable and unanticipated modification of your work schedule or responsibilities by your supervisor.

Does it matter if my boss watches me all day on camera?

No, it’s not possible for your boss to have a camera on you all day long. This would be an inappropriate breach of your personal space.

Is it possible for Teams to track activity?

Sure, there are a number of different ways in which teams can monitor their behavior. Using a application to keep track of activities and deadlines, such as Asana or Trello, is one of the more common approaches.
-Recording one’s accomplishments and thoughts regarding work in a journal on a regular basis.
-Uploading photographs or videos of milestones reached together as well as progress made individually

Is it possible to export the Q&A from the live event in Teams?

You are able to export Q&A from the team’s live event, yes. Be aware, however, that the Q&A that was exported will be based on the current condition of the live event when it was exported, thus it is possible that it will not be completely accurate.