What happens when you delete Skype account?


When you delete your account, all of the information that was linked with it will be removed as well. This includes your Skype contacts, any purchases you made, and your conversation history. If you wish for your name to be removed from the directory after closing your account, it may take up to a month for that to happen.

If someone has blocked you on Skype, what does it look like?

Discover the individual in your list of Contacts. The left side of the screen is where you’ll find all of your contacts listed. If you look to the left of a person’s name and see a question mark or an x in gray, this may be a sign that the individual has been blocked. On the other hand, it could signal that they have just deleted you as a friend of theirs.

If you search for someone on Skype, will they be able to see the results?

Skype does not display your email address to other users. Nobody can see it when they look at your profile because it is hidden. Those who already have your email address in their possession are the only ones who can use it to search for you.

When I get onto Skype, it states that I was “last seen days ago.” What does this mean?

In Skype, what exactly does it imply when it says “last seen days ago”? That shows that that was the last time they were on Skype or saw the chat you were both participating in.

Is it possible for me to cancel my Skype account?

Please follow these procedures if you want to remove your Skype account completely: To access the Settings menu, click on your name located in the top left corner of the screen. To close your account, select the option from the panel on the right. Entering your password a second time will confirm that you want to delete the item.

Is it possible to remove Skype without also removing your Microsoft account?

It is necessary to first disconnect your Microsoft account before you may erase your Skype account without also erasing your Microsoft account. (Disclaimer: The Skype account will not be removed from the database immediately. This process will take some time.)

How long does Skype keep the history of a conversation?

SkyDrive uploads any files, photographs, and call logs that you send or receive to the cloud, making them available across all of your devices. SkyDrive also stores any calls you make. Videos that are greater than 100 MB will be preserved as files and can be accessed for a period of 30 days after being uploaded. Learn how to export your conversation history as well as any files you have.