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Alex Grant is a famous American artist and internet star who was born in 1973. She was born in Fairview Park, Ohio, and speaks for the United States. In November 2019, she told everyone about her relationship with Keanu Reeves, a famous Canadian actor and singer. This revelation made her famous all over the world and got her a lot of attention. Alexandra’s path in the art world has been marked by collaboration and new ideas, which has helped her become a well-known person in the entertainment industry.


Alexandra Grant Wiki

Let’s delve into the details of Alexandra Grant’s background and personal information. The following table outlines key aspects of her life:

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Alexandra Grant 46 Artist and Internet Personality 1973 Female Not available White Caucasian Descent United States


Alexandra Grant Measurements

Understanding Alexandra’s physical attributes is essential to appreciate her presence. Here are the details presented in a concise table:

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
6′ 0″ (184 cm) 66 Kg (145 lbs) Greyish-white Hazel


Alexandra Grant Life

Alexandra’s life is a narrative filled with artistic endeavors and personal connections. Summarizing her journey:

On the day she turns 46, Alexandra Grant is deeply involved in a serious relationship with Keanu Reeves, whom she has known for a long time. They officially told everyone in November 2019 that they were going to start a new part of their lives together. Keanu used to be in a relationship with Jennifer Syme, but it ended badly, so he spent some time by himself. Alexandra and Keanu’s relationship has changed from friends to lovers. They are now well-known in public, going to events and walking the red carpet together.


Parents Spouse Children
Father: Name not Known Husband: Will update Son: Name not available
Mother: — Boyfriend: Keanu Reeves Daughter: None


Alexandra Grant Education

To get a better sense of Alexandra’s intellectual hobbies, it may help to know more about her school background:

At this time, information about Alexandra’s exact school is waiting to be updated. Alex has finished school and now has a Bachelor’s degree. She attended a local high school when she was young, and it was there that she learned the skills that would help her later in her artistic job.

University College School
Will update Will update Local High School


Alexandra Grant Net Worth

People in the United States think that Alex Grant will have a net worth of $500,000. It is not easy to find specific information about how much she makes a year or where her money comes from, but it is clear that her gifts to the art world have helped her with her finances.

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
$500K US dollars (2018) Art and Collaborations


Alexandra Grant Facts

Here are seven interesting facts about Alexandra Grant:

  • Alexandra collaboratively worked with Keanu Reeves on books like “Ode To Happiness” and “Shadows,” showcasing her versatility as an artist.
  • In 2008, Keanu Reeves had a brief romantic involvement with China Chow, a model-actress, before ending their relationship.
  • Alexandra stands at an impressive height of 6′ 0″ (184 cm) and maintains a healthy lifestyle, weighing 145 lbs (66 kg).
  • Ode To Happiness, released in 2011, and Shadows, released in 2016, are art books where Alexandra provided visual arts, and Reeves contributed as a poet.
  • Alexandra updates her 15.3+ k followers on Instagram with glimpses of her paintings, event appearances, and personal and professional aspects of her life.


Alexandra Grant FAQs

Q: When did Alexandra Grant publicly announce her relationship with Keanu Reeves?

A: Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves made their relationship public in November 2019.

Q: What are Alexandra Grant’s favorite hobbies?

A: Alexandra enjoys reading, engaging in theatre plays, and creating artwork.

Q: What is Alexandra Grant’s net worth?

A: As of 2018, Alexandra Grant’s estimated net worth is $500K US dollars.

Q: Has Alexandra Grant collaborated with Keanu Reeves on any creative projects?

A: Yes, Alexandra and Keanu collaborated on books like “Ode To Happiness” and “Shadows.”

Q: What is Alexandra Grant’s educational background?

A: Alexandra is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, with details about her specific alma mater awaiting update.

Q: What is Alexandra Grant’s height and weight?

A: Alexandra stands at an impressive height of 6′ 0″ (184 cm) and weighs 145 lbs (66 kg).

Q: How does Alexandra Grant maintain her social media presence?

A: Alexandra updates her 15.3+ k followers on Instagram with pictures of her paintings, event appearances, and personal lifestyle.




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