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Amberlynn Reid was born on December 27, 1990, in Key West, Florida. She is an American celebrity who has done many things. The things that make her famous are her success as a businessman, social media star, YouTuber, and presenter. Despite the fact that she started her YouTube account to get people to follow her as she tried to lose weight, her videos have become more diverse over time. Her mukbang videos, in which she talks to her viewers and eats different kinds of food, have made her famous.


Amberlynn Reid Wiki

Let’s delve into the details of Amberlynn Reid’s life through a comprehensive table:

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Amberlynn Reid 30 YouTuber, Vlogger, Entrepreneur December 27, 1990 Female Capricorn White Caucasian United States


Amberlynn Reid Measurements

Curious about Amberlynn Reid’s physical attributes? Here’s a breakdown in the form of a table:

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5′ 3″ (160 cm) 240 kg (529 lbs) Light Brown Hazel


Amberlynn Reid Life

For Amberlynn Reid, the first few years of her life have been very hard. Her life has been marked by hardships. Due to the fact that she was born into a troubled family and had parents who were addicted, Amberlynn had a very hard childhood. She had a lot of hard times because she left her family when she was young. She often moved from one place to another. She dealt with these problems by smoking and drinking.Amberlynn Reid’s mother, Kristine Reid, is also the mother of her two boys. Even though her life was full of problems, she made up her mind to get more education and enrolled at Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona.


Amberlynn Reid Education

Amberlynn Reid’s educational journey is highlighted by her pursuit of higher studies at Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona. Her commitment to education reflects her resilience amid personal challenges.

University College School
Brown Mackie College Homeschooling


Amberlynn Reid Net Worth

Amberlynn Reid’s success as a YouTuber and entrepreneur has contributed to her net worth, estimated to be between USD 2-3 million. Her income streams include YouTube earnings, sponsorships, and advertisements, allowing her to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
USD 2-3 Million USD $70-100k per video YouTube, Sponsorships, Advertisements


Amberlynn Reid Facts

Here are seven interesting facts about Amberlynn Reid:

  • Amberlynn Reid identifies as a lesbian.
  • She has been in relationships with Cassie Cordiva, Krystle Siviak, Destiny Cook, and currently, Becky Williams.
  • Reid started her YouTube journey with a weight loss vlog but later shifted to diverse content, including mukbangs.
  • Despite criticism for her mukbang videos, she has gained significant popularity with 190k subscribers as of March 2021.
  • Amberlynn Reid has faced physical and mental health issues, including obesity and lymphedema.
  • Her net worth is not only from YouTube but also includes earnings from sponsorships and advertisements.
  • Reid actively supports the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, as seen on her Instagram.


Amberlynn Reid FAQs

Is Amberlynn Reid married?

No, she is currently dating Becky Williams.


What is Amberlynn Reid’s educational background?

She attended Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona.


How did Amberlynn Reid start her YouTube career?

She began with a video titled ‘Nervous + Awkward + Weight Loss Vlog’ on November 18, 2013.


What is the source of Amberlynn Reid’s net worth?

Her net worth comes from YouTube earnings, sponsorships, and advertisements.


Is Amberlynn Reid active on social media?

Yes, she has 55k followers on Instagram and 190k subscribers on YouTube.






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