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Bunnie Xo, who is also known by her stage name, Bunnie DeFord, is a multi-talented personality who has established herself as a social media star, model, singer, actor, podcaster, and businesswoman. A native of Houston, Texas, Bunnie was born on January 22, 1980. She has garnered a great deal of notoriety for her many abilities and the captivating material she has created on several platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. It is noteworthy that she is the spouse of Jelly Roll, an American rapper and actor who is well-known for his work. Modeling, acting, and hosting podcasts have all played significant roles in Bunnie Xo’s path through the entertainment business. Her journey has been impacted by all of these efforts.


Bunnie Xo Wiki

Let’s delve into the details of Bunnie Xo’s life through a comprehensive table:

Attribute Details
Name Bunnie DeFord
Known as Bunnie Xo
Occupation Model, TikTok Star, Podcaster
Age (2023) 43 Years Old
DOB January 22, 1980
Gender Female
Star Sign Aquarius
Ethnicity White
Country America


Bunnie Xo Measurements

Now, let’s take a look at Bunnie Xo’s physical measurements in the following table:

Attribute Details
Height 5′ 6″
Weight 62 kg (136 lbs)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Tattoos Multiple


Bunnie Xo Life

In her life, Bunnie Xo has been on a journey that has been distinguished by a variety of positions and experiences. After beginning her career as a model, she appeared in advertisements for a number of different bikini brands. Subsequently, she began to explore acting by appearing in films such as “The Last Movie Star” and “Waylon’s Wives.” She also made her debut in the music industry, releasing songs such as “Ride or Die” and “Bad Girl.” The year 2016 was a significant turning point in her life when she tied the knot with Jelly Roll, therefore becoming a supporting spouse whenever he went on tour.

As of 2019, Bunnie Xo has established a podcast called “Dumb Blonde Podcast,” which features frank interviews with celebrities from a variety of disciplines, including music, comedy, sports, and adult entertainment. There have been notable guests that have been on her program, including Tommy Chong, Chanel West Coast, Steve-O, and Ron Jeremy.


Life Aspect Details
Parents Father: Bill (Passed away in 2018)
Mother: Name Not Known
Spouse Husband: Jelly Roll (Jelly DeFord)
Children Step-Daughter: Baille Ann DeFord


Bunnie Xo Education

During the course of her schooling, Bunnie Xo went to Fay Galloway High School, Walter V. Long Elementary School, and John C. Fremont Junior High School. On the other hand, she made the decision to withdraw from high school and did not do any more formal schooling.


Education Details Details
High School Fay Galloway High School


Bunnie Xo Net Worth

As of the year 2023, it is determined that Bunnie Xo’s net worth is around $2.5 million USD. She earns money via a variety of channels, including as modeling, acting, singing, podcasting, and sponsorships on social media platforms. Furthermore, she is a co-owner of the wealth with her husband, Jelly Roll, who has a net worth of roughly four million dollars in the United States.


Net Worth Aspect Details
Net Worth USD $2.5 million (approx.)
Husband’s Net Worth USD $4 million (approx.)
Source of Income Modeling, Acting, Singing, Podcasting, Social Media


Bunnie Xo Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Bunnie Xo:

  • Bunnie Xo’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • She started as a model for various bikini brands.
  • Bunnie Xo married Jelly Roll in 2016 after a year of dating.
  • She is a stepmother to Jelly Roll’s daughter, Baille Ann DeFord.
  • Bunnie Xo launched the “Dumb Blonde Podcast” in 2019.
  • She has undergone multiple plastic surgeries, including lip fillers, Brazilian butt lifts, and breast implants.
  • Bunnie Xo has a significant social media following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.


Bunnie Xo FAQs

Is Bunnie Xo the mother of Noah?

No, Bunnie Xo is not Noah’s biological mother; she is his stepmother. Noah is Jelly Roll’s son from a previous relationship.

What is Bunnie Xo’s educational background?

Bunnie Xo attended Fay Galloway High School, Walter V Long Elementary School, and John C Fremont Junior but dropped out of high school.

How did Bunnie Xo meet Jelly Roll?

They met at Sin City’s Country Saloon in Las Vegas in 2015, where Jelly Roll was performing.

When did Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll get married?

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll tied the knot on August 31, 2016.

What is the theme of Bunnie Xo’s podcast?

“Dumb Blonde Podcast” covers unfiltered conversations with guests from music, comedy, sports, and more.

How did Bunnie Xo start her career in entertainment?

She began as a model, appeared in movies, and ventured into singing before gaining popularity on social media.

What are Bunnie Xo’s social media accounts?

Instagram: xomgitsbunnie

YouTube: BunnieXo

TikTok: [TikTok Handle]



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