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American businesswoman and philanthropist Catherine McDonnell is well known. Her big break came from the fact that she is married to famous Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol. She was born on May 22, 1989. Catherine is connected to Gasol, but she has made a name for herself through her business skills and her work with charities.


Catherine McDonnell Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Catherine McDonnell
Age 31 years old
Occupation Businesswoman and Philanthropist
DOB May 22, 1989
Gender Female
Star Sign Gemini
Ethnicity White
Country United States


Catherine McDonnell Measurements

Measurements Details
Height 5′ 4″ (163 cm)
Weight 56 Kg (123 lbs)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown


Catherine McDonnell Life

Catherine McDonnell runs a business and gives money to good causes. On May 22, 1989, she was born. She goes by the name Catherine McDonnell. She’s 31 years old. She does it for a living.Gemini is a female star sign, and she is white. She lives in the United States and is from another country. Measurements in the United States Carried out by Catherine McDonnell


Catherine McDonnell Education

A lot of good things happen in Catherine McDonnell’s life, both in her personal and work life. The people in her family are her parents, Dennis and Celeste McDonnell, and her brother, Mikey McDonnell, who just finished his bachelor’s degree. She is very close to all of them.

McDonnell went to the University of Southern California to further her education. She eventually got a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from that school. She went on to do graduate work in the field of business and media management after getting her bachelor’s degree.

After meeting Pau Gasol, Catherine McDonnell found love and friendship in her personal life. In 2019, she married Gasol in a small wedding. They were thrilled to say that Catherine was going to be pregnant in August 2020. This was the start of a new period in their lives.


Catherine McDonnell Net Worth

Catherine McDonnell has made a name for herself as a great businesswoman and has also made a big impact to her family’s wealth. It is expected that her net worth will be $150,000 by 2020. Her main source of income will come from her business.


Catherine McDonnell Facts

  • As a reporter for well-known news networks like ABC News and Fox Television, Catherine McDonnell has had a lot of different jobs. The work experience she has gives her a flexible base.
    At first, she worked for the Innovative Dining Group as a project manager. Later, she was moved to social media manager. She had never been in business before this.
    She rose through the ranks to become vice president of Guggenheim Partners New York, which shows how good a leader she is and how smart she is at business. The path that McDonnell took to get to this point in her work.
    She and her husband are both very dedicated to helping others, as shown by the fact that they are always doing good things for others and giving money to the Gasol Foundation, which works to make the lives of kids and adults better.
    Catherine McDonnell cares a lot about her family and friends, and she often shares photos of herself with them on social media sites.
    She is passionate about many things, such as reading, traveling, and trying new foods. There are many things she likes to do.
    McDonnell not only speaks out for people’s concerns, but she also gives money to organizations like the Tess Research Foundation. This shows how much she cares about the community and social issues.






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