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Jaffer Sadiq, who is also known by his stage name Narikutty, is a multitalented individual who was born and raised in Erode, Tamil Nadu inside India. This talent, who was born on July 4, 1995, has established a name for himself in the cinema industries of both Kollywood and Tollywood as an actor, choreographer, and dancer via his work in both categories. His rise to prominence started when he was able to earn the second spot in the second season of the renowned dance television program ‘Ungalil Yaar Prabhu Deva.


Jaffer Sadiq Wiki

Let’s delve into the details of Jaffer Sadiq’s life through a comprehensive table:

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Jaffer Sadiq 25 Actor, Choreographer, Dancer July 4, 1995 Male Cancer Not specified India


Jaffer Sadiq Measurements

Jaffer Sadiq’s physical attributes are noteworthy. Here’s a breakdown:

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
152.4 cm (5′) 54 kg (119 lbs) Not specified Not specified


Jaffer Sadiq Life

The tale of Jaffer’s life is an uplifting trip that begins with his school days and ends with him being a well-known character. His passion and excitement for dancing set him apart from others, despite the fact that he was initially of a modest height. Both his flexibility and his stamina are improved by the daily workouts and stretches he does.

When it comes to his dedication to his family, Jaffer is well-known. In spite of the fact that he manages to keep his family life secret, he does sometimes post glimpses of it on social media. An very particular place in his heart is reserved for his parents, his sister Ammu Nathu, and his niece. The members of Jaffer’s crew, as well as his beloved dog Cinderella, are also considered to be members of his extended family.


Jaffer Sadiq Education

The foundation of Jaffer’s educational expertise may be traced back to his hometown. The ‘Carmel Matriculation School’ in Erode was where he took his classes. On the other hand, particular information on his college schooling is not readily accessible.


Jaffer Sadiq Net Worth

Dance, acting, and choreography are all aspects of Jaffer’s work, which demonstrates his versatility as an artist. One of his most remarkable accomplishments is that he came in second place in the film “Ungalil Yaar Prabhu Deva,” and he also played the character of Narikutty in the Netflix film “Paava Kadangal.” There have been approximately 500 events that Jaffer has performed in, and he has choreographed songs for films in both Tamil and Telugu.


Being a freelancer, his income varies per project, with an estimated net worth of Rs. 10 – Rs. 15 lakhs as of 2020.

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
Rs. 10 – Rs. 15 lakhs Varies per project Dance performances, choreography, acting


Jaffer Sadiq Facts

  1. Active on social media, Jaffer boasts over 41,000 Instagram followers since his debut on April 25, 2013.
  2. An avid basketball player, Jaffer enjoys the sport in his free time.
  3. He has a passion for photography, showcasing his artistic skills on his Instagram account.
  4. Jaffer is a fan of Amy Jackson, and he had the opportunity to meet her.
  5. Inspired by Rajnikanth, he values simplicity and leads a down-to-earth life.
  6. A watch enthusiast, Jaffer invests in quality timepieces.
  7. Like many, he’s a huge fan of the Avengers film series, with Iron Man as his favorite character.


Jaffer Sadiq FAQs

Q: Who is Jaffer Sadiq’s girlfriend?

A: Jaffer is in a long-standing relationship with Sidhiqa Sherin, who is also a dancer.

Q: Where did Jaffer Sadiq attend school?

A: Jaffer attended ‘Carmel Matriculation School’ in his hometown, Erode.

Q: What is Jaffer Sadiq’s net worth? A: As of 2020, Jaffer’s estimated net worth is between Rs. 10 – Rs. 15 lakhs.

Q: In which movie series did Jaffer Sadiq appear on Netflix?

A: Jaffer played the role of Narikutty in the movie series ‘Paava Kadhaigal’ on Netflix.

Q: How did Jaffer Sadiq begin his career?

A: Jaffer started his career by participating in the second season of ‘Ungalil Yaar Prabhu Deva,’ where he secured the 2nd position.

Q: What is Jaffer Sadiq’s favorite hangout spot?

A: Jaffer enjoys spending time at East Coast Road, which is his favorite hangout spot.

Q: Does Jaffer Sadiq have any siblings?

A: Jaffer has a sister named Ammu Nathu, and he also has an elder brother, though the name is not available.

Q: What is Jaffer Sadiq’s favorite food?

A: Jaffer’s favorite food is Mooru.

Q: Which actor does Jaffer Sadiq admire the most?

A: Jaffer admires Thalaivar or Rajinikanth as his favorite actor.

Q: How did Jaffer Sadiq gain fame in the entertainment industry?

A: Jaffer gained fame by securing the 2nd position in the second season of the dance TV show ‘Ungalil Yaar Prabhu Deva.’



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