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Loo Tze Lui is a famous woman who was born in Singapore in 1975. She is married to Lawrence Wong, who is the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Singapore. She worked as a banker for a long time after getting her degree in business administration from the National University of Singapore. There were well-known banks like DBS Bank, Citibank, and Standard Chartered Bank where she worked and helped wealthy customers. In 2018, she became the CEO of LTL Capital, a family office that focuses on financial advice and asset management.


Loo Tze Lui Wiki

Let’s take a closer look at Loo Tze Lui’s details in the following table:

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Loo Tze Lui 48 years old Wealth Manager 1975 Female Not specified Chinese Singapore


Loo Tze Lui Measurements

Explore the physical attributes of Loo Tze Lui:

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
Not specified Not specified Not specified Not specified


Loo Tze Lui Life

Within his working life, Loo Tze Lui went from being a bank employee to being the CEO of LTL Capital. She is a social worker who works in the field full-time and is on the board of directors at the YMCA in Singapore, where she helps with things like health and education. They got married to Lawrence Wong in 2009 and had two kids together. Her interest in art and culture and her role as a supporter of her husband’s political career bring out the many sides of her life.

Parent’s Name Spouse Name Children Name
Not specified Lawrence Wong Not specified


Loo Tze Lui Education

Delve into Loo Tze Lui’s academic background:

Loo Tze Lui got his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance from the University of Southern California in 1993, and by that time he had already won all the best awards in school. She is also a worker who is qualified as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

University College School
University of Southern California Not specified Not specified


Loo Tze Lui Networth

While Loo Tze Lui’s net worth remains undisclosed, her career in wealth management and as CEO of LTL Capital is a testament to her financial success.

Networth Annual Salary Source of Income
Unknown Not specified Wealth Management, LTL Capital


Loo Tze Lui Facts

  1. At 49 years old (as of 2023), Loo Tze Lui remains a Singaporean citizen by birth.
  2. Fluent in English and Mandarin, she enjoys reading history, biographies, and fiction.
  3. A fitness enthusiast, Loo engages in activities like jogging, swimming, and yoga.
  4. She has a passion for classical music and plays the piano.
  5. Loo is a devout Christian, regularly attending church with her family.
  6. Known for her low profile, she avoids media spotlight, setting an example for women balancing careers and families.


Loo Tze Lui FAQs

Q: How did Loo Tze Lui meet Lawrence Wong?

A: They met through mutual friends in 2008, marrying in 2009 after Wong’s first marriage ended amicably.

Q: What is Lawrence Wong’s political career?

A: Lawrence Wong is the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Singapore, affiliated with the People’s Action Party.

Q: What is Loo Tze Lui’s role at the YMCA?

A: She serves as a board member, actively contributing to various community programs and social services.

Q: Does Loo Tze Lui have any publicly known siblings?

A: Her siblings are not publicly known; however, there is speculation about her possible relation to Loo Choon Fong.

Q: What are Loo Tze Lui’s hobbies?

A: Loo enjoys art, culture, reading, and exploring different cultures and cuisines with her husband.



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