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Seth Gold is a well-known and accomplished person who has done many things, including writing, running a business, being on reality TV, speaking, and producing TV shows. Seth Gold was born in Michigan, USA, on February 23, 1981. On the reality show “Hardcore Pawn,” he worked with his father, Les Gold, his mother, Lili Gold, and his sister, Ashley Broad. This made him famous. The show was about American Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop that is run by a family. It premiered on December 21, 2009, on TruTV and TBS. The program showed how the business works on a daily basis


Seth Gold Wiki

Let’s dive into the details of Seth Gold’s life through a comprehensive table:

Name Seth Gold
Age 39 years old
Occupation Writer, Businessman, Reality TV star, Speaker, TV producer
DOB February 23, 1981
Gender Male
Star Sign Pisces
Ethnicity White
Country United States


Seth Gold Measurements

Here’s a table detailing Seth Gold’s physical measurements:

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
6′ 1″ 62 Kg Brown Brown


Seth Gold Life

There is no way for Seth Gold to live without the success of the TV show “Hardcore Pawn.” Seth grew up with his parents, Les and Lili Gold, and his sister, Ashley Broad. He became very interested in the family business while he was growing up. Their father, Les Gold, was a famous businessman and the owner of American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, Michigan. He had a big impact on Seth Gold’s life. Seth got extra training at the Gemological Institute of America in how to grade diamonds and colored jewels. He also earned a business degree from the University of Michigan. Both of these schools are part of Seth’s training path.

Parents Spouse Children
Father: Les Gold Married Son (Name not disclosed)
Mother: Lili Gold


Seth Gold Education

Seth Gold not only has a college degree, but he also learned a lot while he was growing up at home. His school background is interesting. His education at the University of Michigan and the Gemological Institute of America taught him how to grade diamonds and give him more knowledge about bright jewels.

University College School
The University of Michigan Gemological Institute of America Homeschooling


Seth Gold Net Worth

A big part of Seth Gold’s wealth comes from his work in the family business American Jewelry and Loan and in a number of TV shows. Around $1.5 million USD is what people think his net worth will be in 2020

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
$1.5 million Not specified American Jewelry and Loan, TV Shows


Seth Gold Facts

  1. Seth Gold was honored as the National Pawnbroker of the Year in 2013.
  2. His social media presence includes Instagram (@seth_hardcorepawn) and Twitter (@sethhcp).
  3. Seth Gold has a keen interest in sports, particularly football, and was a dedicated supporter of the University of Michigan’s football team.
  4. He shares a positive rivalry with his sister Ashley, often resolved when it comes to business deals.
  5. Seth Gold’s favorite food is roasted chicken, and he maintains a healthy lifestyle with occasional gym sessions.
  6. He joined his father’s company’s Board of Directors.
  7. Seth Gold is a wrestling enthusiast and a fan of Hulk Hogan.


Seth Gold FAQs

Is Seth Gold married?

Yes, Seth Gold is happily married, but details about his wife are not disclosed.

What is Seth Gold’s favorite destination?

Italy is Seth Gold’s dream holiday destination.

How did Seth Gold start his career in TV shows?

Seth Gold made his debut in the series “Hardcore Pawn” and later appeared in shows like “The Playboy Morning Show” and “LeagueOne: In the Spotlight.”

What is Seth Gold’s educational background?

Seth Gold pursued post-graduation, attended the University of Michigan, and gained knowledge in gemology from the Gemological Institute of America.

How did Seth Gold contribute to charity?

Seth Gold’s company, American Jewelry and Loan, provides help to those in need and organizes charity events.

What is Seth Gold’s net worth?

As of 2020, Seth Gold’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million USD.

Who is Seth Gold’s favorite actor and actress?

Seth Gold admires Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

Does Seth Gold have any pets?

Information about Seth Gold’s pets is not available.




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