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Because she is the daughter of famous actress M. N. Nambiar, Sneha Nambiar has made a name for herself in the Indian theater business. The Indian state of Kerala is very culturally rich, and Sneha was born and raised there. She was surrounded by the bright world of Malayali films as a child, which helped her fall in love with playing early on. The fact that Sneha Nambiar is related to the great M. N. Nambiar adds an interesting layer to her life story and suggests that her father’s career in movies will continue. This is true even though not much is known about her personal or work life.


Sneha Nambiar Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Sneha Nambiar
Age Approximately 53 years old (as of 2023)
Occupation Indian Actress
DOB March 23, 1970
Gender Female
Star Sign Not specified
Ethnicity Indian
Country India


Sneha Nambiar Measurements

Attribute Details
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 55 kilograms
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


Sneha Nambiar Life

The way Sneha Nambiar lives her life is deeply rooted in the support she gets from her family. Due to the fact that she was born to Rukmani Namely and Manjeri Narayanan Nambiar, her work life has changed in important ways. From 1990 to 2011, Sneha was married to the Indian star Sarath Babu. They had a son named Sai Karthik and a girl named Pallavi together. The people in her family are still there for her, even though they live far away.


Parents Spouse Children
Rukmani Namely (Mother) and Manjeri Narayanan Nambiar (Father) Sarath Babu (m. 1990, separated in 2011) Sai Karthik and Pallavi


Sneha Nambiar Education

Sneha Nambiar completed her schooling at a local high school, but specific details about her higher education remain unspecified.

University College School
Not specified Not specified Local High School


Sneha Nambiar Net Worth

As of 2023, Sneha Nambiar is thought to have a net worth of one crore Indian rupees. Even though it’s not easy to find information on her annual pay and other sources of income, the fact that she has worked in theater and other fields has helped her become financially successful.


Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
INR 1 Crore Not specified Not specified


Sneha Nambiar Facts

  • Sneha Nambiar was born on March 23, 1970, in Kerala, India.
  • She made her Tamil debut with the film “Ahalya.”
  • In 2008, she received the Best Newcomer (Female) award from Asianet Television.
  • Apart from Malayalam TV shows, she has worked in Tamil series like “Chellamey” and “Magarasi.”
  • Sneha Nambiar has also worked in Telugu serials, including “Sundarakanda.”
  • She has acted in films such as “Aathi” (2006), “Erida” (2021), and “Chellamay” (2009).
  • Sneha Nambiar is active on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Sneha Nambiar FAQs

When was Sneha Nambiar born?

Sneha Nambiar was born on March 23, 1970.

What is Sneha Nambiar’s net worth?

Sneha Nambiar’s net worth is approximately INR 1 Crore as of 2023.

How many children does Sneha Nambiar have?

Sneha Nambiar has two children, a son named Sai Karthik and a daughter named Pallavi.

What awards has Sneha Nambiar won?

In 2008, Sneha Nambiar received the Best Newcomer (Female) award from Asianet Television.

Is Sneha Nambiar active on social media?

Yes, Sneha Nambiar is active on Instagram (@snehanambiareshwar) and Facebook (#SnehaNambiar).

What is Sneha Nambiar’s acting career highlight?

Sneha Nambiar’s acting career highlight includes her debut in the Tamil film “Ahalya” and winning the Best Newcomer (Female) award in 2008.



Even though she was born and raised in the fast-paced world of Malayalam film, Sneha Nambiar has made a name for herself in the business thanks to her playing skills. There isn’t much known about her personal life, but the fact that she is close to her family, has accomplished a lot, and has made important contributions to Indian film all show that she has had an amazing journey. While Sneha Nambiar keeps working in the entertainment business, her name will become more and more ingrained in the complex web of Indian film then ever before.



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