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Sunil Mann Tajpuria, who went by the name Tillu Tajpuriya, was a famous Indian gangster from Delhi. He became famous for his crime actions. Getting famous came about because he was involved in many illegal activities, such as murder, theft, and illegally owning cars. In 2021, Tajpuriya helped kill Jitender Gogi, who was the leader of a rival gang, in Rohini Court, Delhi. This was a very bad moment in his crime life. It is said that Tillu Tajpuriya was attacked and killed by members of different gangs while he was in Tihar Jail on May 2, 2023. People think that this event is what killed him.


Tillu Tajpuriya Biography

It’s still not clear what happened in Tajpuriya’s early life, even though she was born on July 11, 1991, in Tajpur Kalan, Delhi. He got his Bachelor of Arts from Swami Shraddhanand College, which is connected to the University of Delhi. His family was in the lower middle class when he was born. But there isn’t a lot of information about Tillu Tajpuriya’s schooling. Some sources say he went to Maharaja Agarsain Public School in Narela, which is in Delhi.


Tillu Tajpuriya Wiki

Let’s delve into the details of Tillu Tajpuriya’s life through a comprehensive table:

Attribute Details
Real name Sunil Mann Tajpuria
Famous As Tillu Tajpuriya
Age 32 years old (at the time of death)
Date of Birth 11 July 1991
Birthplace Tajpur Kalan, Delhi
Education Graduate
Alma mater Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Swami Shraddhanand College
Marital Status Not Known
Parents Father– Name Not Known, Mother– Homemaker
Siblings Brother– N/A, Sisters– Will Update
Caste Jat
Religion Sikhism
Nationality Indian
Net worth Under Review


Tillu Tajpuriya Measurements

Explore Tillu Tajpuriya’s physical attributes through the following table:

Attribute Details
Height 1.73 m
Weight 80 Kilograms
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black


Tillu Tajpuriya Life

Tillu Tajpuriya’s life was marked by a series of criminal activities, evolving from his college days into a notorious gangster. His criminal career initiated during college, engaging in extortion, theft, and illegal firearm possession. Tajpuriya’s association with Jitender Gogi fueled the expansion of his criminal network. Post-college, he delved deeper into criminal enterprises, involved in activities such as car theft, extortion, and contract killings. The pinnacle of his infamy was reached in 2021, orchestrating the killing of rival gang leader Jitender Gogi in Rohini Court, sparking a wave of violence and gang wars.


Tillu Tajpuriya’s Education

But we do know that Tillu Tajpuriya went to Swami Shraddhanand College, which is connected to the University of Delhi, to get a Bachelor of Arts degree. We don’t know much about his early training. Some details about his schooling, like the fact that he went to Maharaja Agarsain Public School, are not clear, which makes his academic past hard to figure out.


Tillu Tajpuriya’s Net Worth

There is no information about how much Tillu Tajpuriya is worth in any of the search results that can be found right now. The fact that he has been involved in illegal activities like murder, bribery, and illegally owning cars at different times makes it harder to figure out how much money he has. There is no mention of the ways he makes money.


Tillu Tajpuriya Facts

Tillu Tajpuriya was involved in a number of illegal activities, such as murder, theft, and possession of cars without a license.
The killing in the Rohini court was planned by Tajpuriya, who is currently being held in Mandoli prison. He did this from inside the prison walls.
Sunil Rathi and Naveen Bali killed robber Gogi in 2021. They were hired by Tajpuriya but weren’t there.
During college, Tajpuriya had a friendship with the gangster Jitender Gogi. However, things got worse between the two during school elections.
Tajpuriya, who is thought to have been one of the main people involved in the shooting in the Rohini court, is thought to have brought in the people who killed Gogi.
While being held in connection with the death of Jitender Gogi, Tajpuriya was accused of being involved in several murder and sexual offenses.
The death of Tajpuriya in Tihar Jail is thought to have been caused by Yogesh Tunda and other members of the Gogi gang, who were from different gangs.







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