Who is Brenda Lazaro?




Before she was known as Brenda Kelly, she was called Brenda Lazaro. She became famous after being linked to the sad death of Jonathan Crews, who was 27 years old and ran an urgent care center in Coppell, Texas. People were worried about Brenda’s actions after his death, which led to a lawsuit for wrongful death. In order to learn more about Brenda Kelly’s life, we should look into her background, details about her personal life, and the decision that was made in the case.


Brenda Kelly Biography

Being with Jonathan Crews, who sadly died in February 2014, brought Brenda Lazaro, who is now known as Brenda Kelly, into the public eye. Brenda was at the scene of the crime when it happened, making her the most important witness to the event. It is said in the news that Brenda was 26 years old when the terrible thing happened.


Brenda Kelly Wiki

Name Brenda Lazaro (Now Brenda Kelly)
Age 35
Occupation Martial Artist
DOB 1988
Gender Female
Star Sign Will Update
Ethnicity Hispanic
Country United States

Brenda Kelly Measurements

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5′ 6″ Kg: 56, Pounds: 123 Black Brown

Brenda Kelly Life

Brenda also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from a well-known school, which is just one part of her vast education. After she finished college, she chose to become a martial artist instead of going back to school to study more.

Parent Name Spouse Name Children Name
Not Available Jason Kelly Two Kids

Brenda Kelly Education

Brenda’s net worth and how she makes her money are not well known, but it is thought to be around $500,000. Her official job, which may have something to do with her martial arts practice, seems to be what makes her so successful financially.

University College School
Reputed University Not Available Local High School


Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
$500K Not Available Martial Arts

Brenda Kelly Facts

  • The pay and wealth each yearSource of Funding: $500,000.Not Possible to GetHow to Do Martial Arts
    More about Brenda Kelly
    Between June and August of that year, Brenda Kelly was Jonathan Crews’ lover.
    No matter what was said about Brenda, she has not been found guilty of any crime.
    Brenda gave evidence in a legal case that had to do with Crews’ death.
    Because the civil jury found that Crews’ death was not an accident, they gave his family $190 million.
    Even though Brenda Kelly wasn’t charged with any crimes, she was found guilty in a civil hearing in 2022, and Crews’ family was given $206 million in penalties.






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