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Canadian star Diva Flawless, who was born on March 21, 2003, is on the rise. She is famous for being a singer, musician, YouTuber, Instagram star, and TikToker, just to name a few of her many talents. Diva has already made a big mark on social media sites by using her music and other interesting content to keep people interested. But even though she’s only 20, she has already made a big difference. We will talk about a lot of different parts of Diva Flawless’s life and work in this piece.


Diva Flawless Wiki

Here’s a snapshot of Diva Flawless’s key details in a convenient table:

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Diva Flawless 20 TikTok Star, Social Media Influencer, Musician, Singer, Content Creator, Model, Media Face, Entrepreneur March 21, 2003 Female Not Disclosed Mixed Canadian


Diva Flawless Measurements

Diva’s physical attributes are summarized in this table:

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5′ 5″ (165 cm) 110 lbs (50 kg) Dark Brown Dark Brown


Diva Flawless Life

There was no doubt that Diva was a talented singer and songwriter, as shown in her self-taught debut single “Pretty Boy,” which came out in 2019. This was the start of her rise to fame. After moving to Canada, she quickly rose through the ranks of TikTok. As of March 2023, she was the forty-first most famous TikTok star. Before she got to the top of the stage, she looked at Rihanna for ideas.

The world does not know who Diva Flawless’ parents and brothers are, and she does not talk about her family. Her parents, on the other hand, ran a business in Canada, and she grew up with her brothers and other family members.


Diva Flawless Education

Diva Flawless pursued higher education at a reputable university in Canada, contributing to her growth both personally and professionally.

University College School
Reputed University Not Disclosed Not Disclosed


Diva Flawless Net Worth

Diva’s financial success is notable, with an estimated net worth of $600K as of 2023. Her income sources include TikTok, music, and OnlyFans, where she is a verified creator earning between $20.6k – $51.6k monthly.


Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
$600K Not Disclosed TikTok, Music, OnlyFans


Diva Flawless Facts

  • Diva released her new single, “Voom Voom,” showcasing her evolving musical talents.
  • She values her community, expressing gratitude for the global support she receives.
  • Diva Flawless is a private individual, with limited information available about her family life.
  • Despite her popularity, details about her boyfriend remain undisclosed.


Diva Flawless FAQs

Who is Diva Flawless?

Diva Flawless is a TikTok star and musician with over 1.4 million followers.

What is Diva Flawless’ new single?

Flawless’ latest single is titled “Voom Voom.”

What is Diva Flawless’ net worth?

Her estimated net worth is around $600K.

Who is Diva Flawless’s boyfriend?

The identity of her boyfriend is not known.

Who are Diva Flawless’s parents?

Unfortunately, information about her parents’ names is not available.


After everything that happened, it’s amazing how Diva Flawless went from being a TikTok star to a well-known singer. She has been successful in part because she is dedicated to her job and because the people in her online group help one another. Of course, Diva Flawless is still making waves in the entertainment business, even though many parts of her life are kept secret.




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